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Here's where it gets crazy. What's happening out well? It turns out that conspiracy to expose conspiracies has not worked out especially well for Julian, assange. Yes, you'll recall how we sat. ASSANGE was sentenced to fifty weeks in jail. well, he was due to be released in September of two thousand, nineteen. The twenty second specifically win is jail term for breaching that bail. Ended and they just didn't let them help. The Westminster Magistrate's Court. Noted that there were substantial grounds for believing if free assange would make another run attempting to gain safe status. Or like Edward Snowden. Make it to a country that would not extradite him to the United. States I mean it's sort of. It's the same way a court assesses anyone's risk of flight. You know they won't grants you bail, or they'll make your bail excessively high if they or if they even think that you're gonNA. Let alone if you've got a established pattern of doing that. which assange absolutely had so Julian assange remains in the Belmarsh prison in the United Kingdom his partner lawyer Stella Morris who he has two children with recently, said quote, the life of my partner Julian assange severely at risk. He is on remand at H.. M., p., Belmarsh and covid nineteen. Spreading within its walls, so this is a absolutely topical. More sees more than just a San's assange personal health. In jeopardy here! saying that quote Julia needs to be released now for him for our family and for the society. We all want our children to grow up in. Yes, okay. Yeah, I mean it depends on. What what your take is on on that particular vision of society that assange espouses you know and again I mean a big part of his character is the idea of like free speech about taking powerful people to task, but he is absolutely has been and remains a super divisive figure so let's talk about a bigger picture issue here that we've addressed a little bit in some of our covid nineteen updates the risk of corona virus in prisons we add. It's certainly a harry situation for anyone who is being kept anywhere within. Within fairly close quarters to other human beings, especially if there are any kind of sanitary issues within, let's say a prison like that. in a in prisons across the world, people are being infected with coronavirus, because it only takes one person to enter that closed system at some point to then, in fact, one other in then exponentially grow that outbreak, but in this particular prison hp Belmarsh were Julian assange is at least two people within the prison have contracted Covid, nineteen or have contracted the coronavirus, and are dealing with symptoms of Covid nineteen. And prisons just in general are pretty rough places to be with individuals who? Have, attributes and possibly charges pending against them for very. Varying severity and in these uncertain times there are higher than average odds of things like violence occurring within prisons where there's that kind of fear of something like corona, virus or uprisings, or maybe even riots very violent riots occurring within these prisons. Yeah, yeah, that's absolutely correct. In fact, there are numerous reports already of riots about prison conditions. In the US and abroad, and in some countries, prisoners have even successfully taken guards hostage, not even necessarily to say hey, we're throwing down the prison walls Let let my people go, but more to say. We need to bring attention to the pandemic bloodbath. That may occur when we are locked in here like animals for whatever reason. So, This this prison angle. Has has a lot of fairly plausible conspiratorial aspects to it because you know, we've seen the the kind of manufactured concerns that pop up in other celebrity prison stories, so what has a high paid lawyer like working for Weinstein or something? Who says you know? He's very fragile therefore. Even, though he's been convicted of these crimes, he should get some sort of special treatment. Because it's the humane thing to do. by the way for our and be fans are Kelly is. Looking for the same thing, the argument being that he has diabetes and covert is a blow through prison systems, but in assange case there solid evidence that his life. Be At risk more so than a Weinstein more so than in our Kelly, because not as much as A. At Jeffrey Dean Not as much as an Epstein right. We should call that. We should make the Epstein scale if you know a fellow conspiracy realist. If you have the time in the inclination, please feel free to make an info graphic of the Epstein scale. The likelihood of died in prison. You know I. I just really quickly. This is a very interesting thing to think about because the reason Julian, assange is in jail. You know is officially because of jumping bail, but really when you put all of the math together, it's because he had damning evidence against very powerful people right, or he was able to release information about powerful people in the actions. They take that then you think about somebody like Jeffrey. Jeffrey Epstein that likely at allegedly had the worst kind of evidence against extremely powerful people and we saw what happened to him. You know who knows if it was like we can't prove to you if it was self inflicted or not self inflicted in his case, but he was only in prison for a short time. That's all I would say right. Yeah, it's very much worth pointing out that plenty of powerful people once. This guy dead even if they can't kill wikileaks, which is also on the wishlist. We should note that you know. The trump administration is currently attempting to extradite Assange to the US however. Remember we're. We're very quickly. Going into the no real good, morally grey territory, because the desire to gain possession of assange transcends the growing stark ideological divide in domestic US politics, Establishment Democrats want the guy under the jail, or under the daisies as much as establishment Republicans. He has very few friends in Congress. You know what I mean and it's. It's kind of misleading..

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