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You know I'd rather hear from people who I I agree with you know then not because then you end up an echo chamber and things just get worse goes onto argue about the definition edition of sexual assault rape and whether they applied ski and this is also very misleading so what he was saying is these words. These words are They're basically forcing a certain they're misleading what they what they mean right so these are some of these are legal terms. Sexual sexual assault was trying to think of the word. Actually I think it was actually they were talking about sex toy rate so statutory rape yup sanctuary rape what is statutory in the Virgin Islands okay. We're this was going on. It's not it's not such story rape in New Hampshire Okay so or in Massachusetts where am I and such where rape implies that somebody was forced against their will but yet that's not true. Sexual simply means that somebody is not allowed to consent they could have consented but it doesn't from a legal perspective. They're not allowed to and so it's it's misleading so there's a confounding factor. Though which is this Virginia person claims that at least some of her experiences were actually nonconsensual and not nonconsensual sensual by virtue of her age so that changes things and Stolman is making one set of some shins about the truth of that yeah proposition and this woman who who who really does hate men. I've been reading her letter but does woman who called her called him. Out is making a different set of assumptions about a factual matter that neither of them have any reason to know the truth of whites lights so that's a lot of what they're disagreeing. Here is whether or not this Virginia woman was actually raped and the answer is we we don't know and you have a right to have your own your own opinion and especially the second question is whether she was raped by men ski many years after she claims to have been raped by episode so here's the thing about this is a very this article is about various specific case okay so yeah this a Geoffrey Geoffrey this article makes it out as if Jeffrey and and the New York Times and another another publication made it out as if Jeffrey Said said that she was raped by Linski when that's actually not what was said in the deposition so they are they twisted the story into say her saying that she was raped when in fact doc it was merely it was more it was more like the lawyer basically made a statement of the one you were raped or it wasn't even like the the thing is when he says that he's a lawyer so he's using the legal definition of rape which doesn't differentiate between being in the Virgin Islands or it doesn't say whether she was actually raped or whether she was raped only because they had Saxon Saxon Virgin Islands instead of Massachusetts. I mean there's there's a right which is interesting. I always saw the Virgin Islands would be less less agent center Razia Atkinson the other thing it makes me wonder as a lot of people believe that Epstein was in a blackmail business and that's how he made made his money which it makes it very interesting that he located his operation in part of the world that happens to have in in outlandishly high age of consent and why would a pedophile choose to locate in is operation peration in a place where the age of consent is eighteen instead of in a place where the age of consent is sixteen hold on wait a minute we is he. Was He actually a pedophile like did he like little well. I don't know about pedophile but apparently unusual using that word because Fiba Cli- or what have you confused with this confuses fuses confuses and this is what drives me nuts if you don't use precise terms. This is exactly what Richard Stalin's talking about if you don't use precise clear terms we have no idea what we're talking about. If you're talking about a pedophile you might not support pedophilia but you have no problem with somebody. Who has you know an interesting teenagers right? The one is clearly you know we're talking about post puberty lesson and developed and clearly has an interest in sex and the other where you know not not well no they would not everybody posted Bhasin has a strong interest in the second the point interest in sex them brown but if we miss if we confuse terms right I you're not saying you're not saying that you support pedophilia. Nobody but somebody else is going to go out there and say that you're you're on freedom decrypted support pedophilia and you. You never said that and yet no. I'm not I because we confuse we mess up. We used words incorrectly and not precisely in okay well. Let's put it this way. It's very very interesting that somebody who has an interest in girls under eighteen and feels the need to have sex with them on a regular basis would locate the was located his business on an island where the age of consent is eighteen in other words urge that he would seek a venue in which his activity is criminal when there are many many venues available to him where where that activity is not criminal and that tends to ball's idea that he was looking to draw people into the Virgin Islands Lynne's where maybe they don't know that the age of consent is extraordinarily high at eighteen at entice them to have sex with seventeen eighteen year old girls which would be perfectly legal anywhere else and then black male them. That was my point. I think I totally fully agree with your point. It just it just drives me. Nuts people don't use precise terminology and this is exactly what Richardson was trying to say and so people have actually gone and called him a rapist Nadler Alor accusing him of rape because he's saying stuff that he didn't actually say and of course the college feminist thinks it's raped when you say something she doesn't like yeah that's true too anyway. I just the whole thing is just so ridiculous and I think people need to step up and I think a lot of people have stepped up and you know defended. I'm not stepping up to defend you know F- seen or taking the money because I don't I don't even defend necessarily I don't know anything about the Guy Psalm in hasn't done anything right except express a political opinion and he has every right to threats that opinions and certainly the government which Mit is part of the government. The government should not be treating him differently because of its political Nicole opinion if you don't step up to the plate and defend the people who are merely expressing an opinion on something and not even one that's really well shouldn't be controversy. Adults being twisted into some controversial in Massachusetts that sex with a sixteen year old isn't rape because the edge of content and Massachusetts is sixteen and so it's a very mainstream opinion at saks right the mass and they're making it out as if it's not a mainstream opinion and if you look at New Hampshire New Hampshire they tried to re or some people tried to raise the age of sixteen to eighteen a couple years ago and they overwhelmingly said No. We're not going to raise the age of consent from sixteen to eighteen so there's clearly this left wing lien or I don't even know if you can call it left wing but this is the thing is I can't imagine anybody has sons wanting to see the age of consent be eighteen because that that makes it highly likely that your son will end up in prison for rape yeah. He hasn't harmed anybody. That's just just insanity. It really really is I just you know and you know the other thing. I wanted to say you know that you kind of your take me is so you start talking about people attracted to people under eighteen okay first of all there's no difference between a sixteen year old and the reason that I mentioned the number eighteen no is because eighteen and was the age of consent in the Virgin right right so it's irrational to Lo que to locate in a place where the thing that you want to do all all the time is illegal that was that was my only attract. Somebody under eighteen is not necessarily is not necessarily wrong. That's that's what I was under eighteen. It was all of Hong See here's the thing we are giving the approach. We are presenting the the. We're giving the impression that it's if you're attracted to somebody. WHO's you know under eighteen? That's abnormal. That's that's weird. That's that's messed up. It's not it's actually normal healthy male behavior it's that there's nothing in in the like in your DNA. That says says that you'RE GONNA get. You're not going to be attracted to somebody WHO's under eighteen. You know it's yes covering number that has been decided at some point says that girls too young when I look at looking at that doesn't change whether or not you're attracted to that it might be inappropriate but that's not the same thing as being attracted to and by projecting this idea that somehow how eighteen is this line is is harmful because it also just aligned the Virgin Islands Cho- understand that was my point but by bite saying somebody attracted to under eighteen it gives the impression that you know anybody over eighteen. Sh is is basically what impression that sense it was in in response in relation to the Virgin Islands is an eighteen is the age of consent in the Virgin Islands the the reason that I mentioned the number eighteen is because I was making a legal statement and that's the age of consent in the Virgin Islands. I was yeah yeah. I get what you're making right. I I wasn't arguing over that. It's just it's just the terminology that we're using reinforces. These really negative these things that are actually really native to to to our society and it results in people getting the impression again. That's somebody you know somebody get. It gives men who you know your average male who your average male L. is not messed up just because they are attracted to somebody who's seventeen years old or sixteen years old. You know it doesn't matter whether you're forty five or one hundred and five if they're post people lessen your average male is going to be attracted to that to that young person. It's just that's how it is whether or not that you know somebody who is older should take action on that. That's what that's what that's the moral question that you should be asking not whether or not because that just basically says that all men are you know messed up because you know because of normal healthy male sexual interests however you want to phrase it. Let's keep going with the story. let's see if AH AH Blah Blah Blah all right so I guess I guess let's let's let's move on actually end all right so browsers wants wants cloudflare to identify. Yes porn. Please up letters. What's yes born place? It's a website where you can upload porn okay. MG Premium Yeah may company operated by adults attempting to find out who is pirating. It's razors branded content in the in DMC subpoena application filed in Washington. The company wants God.

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