South Korea, Oliver Stone, Harvey Weinstein discussed on Global News Podcast - Trump to Reveal Tough New Iran Strategy


Now he is in a film festival in south korea at the moments and oliver stone was asked yesterday about the harvey weinstein situation he said at that time that he believed demand shouldn't be condemned by vigilante system however overnight allwise change oliver stone was to be working with harvey weinstein on his first ever tv show the first ever oliver stone tv show guantanamo about the guantanamo bay prison and he is no said the explains been travelling th the last few days wasn't aware of all the accusations against harvey weinstein and is no decided to recuse himself from guantanamo the tv series and will not work on its he was going to be to writing a to our pilots he won't work on its as long as the weinstein companies involved to a big change of use in the last twelve hours from all over stoned the film director colin patterson now are we heading for a world where common antibiotics don't work anymore and previously treatable illnesses become deadly well possibly that's according to the world health organization which has warned of a post antibiotic era and kotra urgent action to change the way we use antibiotics to that end experts and health professionals from around the world are at a conference in berlin including the uk's chief medical officer professor tame sally davies the uk's involved in a new projects together all the available data on drug resistance around the world james menendez asked her first to outline the scale of the problem antibiotic resistance is already killing paint coal we know conservative estimate for european twenty five thousand deaths a year simla in the states but a figure i often use that of india where we know that about sixty thousand newborn babies die drugresistant infections every year.

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