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Thirty four degrees at eight thirty good morning I'm Steve percentage the news is sponsored by America's bath dot com shooting in the CT a subway tunnel in the loop leaves one person dead and two others injured the hawks close the road trip with the loss of the NBA all stars put on a show in business global stocks are mostly higher Wall Street is closed today for the president's day holiday now with WGN traffickers very Vandervelde entrapping sponsored by by the yard outdoor furniture looks pretty good most of the roads with the holiday no delays on the evens out than Kennedy is slow for my interest in it although thirty out to here with an inbound accident at North Avenue now off to the side Eisenhower just starts to get heavy Racine thirty minutes both ways between three ninety in downtown Stevenson inbound no delays of Ryan also in great shape along with the bishop Ford fifty seven and on the tollways Lake Forest an accident Townline at ninety four and also in Woodbridge seventy fifth and chains and because of that police investigation and loop CTA blue and red line trains are still not stopping at Jackson it's by the arts pre season sale the only outdoor furniture the promises decades of comfort and beauty order before March second and save hundreds and get your furniture in time for spring visit by the yard dot net I'm a vent valve mad at traffic center remind you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death WGN Chicago weather center forecast today cloudy milder rain develops around mid day continues into this afternoon high near forty four rain ends overnight low down to thirty three and then tomorrow decreasing cloudy dissing cooler with a high near thirty six it's thirty four right now in Chicago in the wind chill is twenty seven one.

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