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Okay here's a new female wrestler that you WanNa take note of the fact that she was young that was different the fact that she was much prettier than some of the little more mature female wrestlers that were on the circuit that helped as well so sherry immediately kinda caught the eye and caught the attention of people then that Dan Bell rang and Sheikh actually knew what the hell she was doing. She had a bit of an awkwardness tour. But it was the the early mid eighties was the first time that I cross pass with Sherry. Couldn't have been nicer to. While she's working in the south she also manages the Tame of Pat Rose and doctor. Tom Prichard of course back. Danny wasn't the Doctor. But that one of your brothers first managers. Sherri Martel yet in that relationship. You know carried on for many many years where they were friends because that was the first opportunity for Sherry to be in a different role other than wrestling and she was used as a not. A stereotypical female manager because she could bump and she could work and she better most of the guys and they're always wasn't a plethora of women wrestlers during those days for her work with and especially get any variety. So you would. Have you had the women in the midgets? That's how the the card Easter re The King Jerry Lawler vs Plow. Boy Frazier the midnight. Express versus the rock and roll. Plus PUS MIDGETS IN GIRLS. That was the billing so they were almost like a side. So side sorry Mahfud petite the fallen out again all that. Shit people for years. It's been the worst teeth life of my life. Teeth live my life the worst year. I mean Goddamn it this is fucking you know what I meant. Do and it's funny yesterday. I sneezed and they came out in the middle of a meeting with fence. Right which has got to be hysterical. I talk to you about this No that was last week in the middle of a meeting with this. Were last week in the middle of a meeting with vans of sitting there and I like you feel something in your mouth and you try to talk in. It's not right you know. You're the fucking words need your teeth or loosen. I started cussing up a storm. He's like what the Hell's wrong with you I'm talking to. Mit came out of my mouth. So then I was pissed off to red eye back Got It put it in on Saturday morning and then Yesterday morning which would have been whatever the fuck day. That was our sneezing in the morning. When I got up and I felt something. Hit My hand. Then you hear the mother fucker much came out again. Couldn't find the cadet on my hands and knees fucking crawling all over the kitchen floor and I know you know not the funny part about me with a missing tooth. Probably the funniest part was beginning down and trying to get up from the kitchen floor. Oz fucking pissed. Are You K- PISS? Carolinas records still feels loose is going to be loose because this is to teach that they worked on his. And it's got the fucking post in it. But they stripped post off God. Damn I won't say brand-new rented play. She says now more way. 'cause I'm ready Fucker? We talking about ladies and gentlemen. You wanted to know what we had a best of last week. There you go. What the fuck this is. Bruce prichard shell out of a cannon within. This is my thought this but this is daily this walking daily like you and I. We started this guy what you don't WanNa talk to me now. One doctor I talked to you but usually I like talk to you at the end of the thing. Like if you ever actually have a couple of fucking minutes now that noises coming out of a God damn phone the way we should mention before we get too far down the road. Please Watch smackdown tonight on Fox Sherry is in a battle. Royal Four hundred fifty pound plow boy. Stan frazier known as Uncle Elmer in the WF mid eighties falls on her leg and breaks it. A very bad injury keeps her away from wrestling for like two years. You ever hear about this. Horrific incident where The plow boy broke her leg and put her on the shelf for two years from. Yeah from her and actually from Tom and it was. She was pissed. She was just fucking pest Because in those days it wasn't a pension no promoter certainly not jerry. Jarrett is GonNa take care of talent while they're injured on the side. Make sure that they still are able to feed themselves and take care of themselves so it was a rough time for Sherry with this injury because it wasn't anything else she could do off out recovering she moves to New York. Even accompanies playboy. Buddy rose a few times. When he's challenging Bob backend for the world title and she wasn't referred to by name or anything like that was very brief but she was one of Buddies Rosebud which is what he called the women that walked to the ring with him at the time and then an eighty five the visco helped her get into the AWA and Larry goes was Sherry to meet with. Burn and Jerry says without Larry doing that she probably wouldn't have got shot in the AWA. Of course the AWA ran by. Ganja you ever hear any stories From from Sherry but working in the AWA with burn jaded Vern Sherry hated burn. I it's funny. The remember. Spend the assessment a lot of time with share traveled with Sherry and it was news unique said least but I. I don't know that there were many promoters. With the exception events that Sherry really liked him and I don't know if it was because first of all the the old timers like vern hat damn women in a wrestling ring. What the fuck is that That was four. It was four and two vern but he looked down his nose at. It didn't feel that that they were anything. More than a side. Attraction in Sherry was so much more than a great worker. She enhanced whoever you put her wish she could talk and she could bring up whoever she was around. And the valets. If you will that accompany guys to the ring. During this timeframe most of them didn't work most similar. The girlfriends of of whoever missy high was johnny tatum's girlfriend later on Gilbert Dark jury came in as Dick. Slater's girlfriend then they you'll more from there but Sherry was unique Sherry was worker. That became a manager in Valais. That could do it all the talk that could work and go out there and knew how to get heat and loved getting heat so for Verdon. That was foreign to him. I'm not sure that verve fully knew how to utilize Sheri's talents because by this time you know Verne is looking at the business as that. Goddamn McMahon is is coming in and trying to take my territory in and This is wherever the hell. He thought he lived that only he was allowed to run in. Minneapolis and Chicago and Denver and the markets that he deemed he was allowed to run in and no one else does not America so that was vern mindset at the time and this was during a time when he was trying to just hold on what he had in his idea of non on what he had was law. Go take events. Where did you meet her? The first time I met Verne was in nineteen eighty one when Verne came not spoken affirm maybe one or two times on the phone It the office with ball. Bosch Saverne came down for Paul Boschetti. Fiftieth Anniversary Tournament and as C. Infamous Evan Johnson story with Dick Slater were Emma Johnson shooter from Minnesota and got the ring with Dick Slater and tried to shoot on Dickey and did shoot on Dickey and Dick wish reason. Dick Burke booked himself with Evan was to protect Evan. Give Evan A match. 'cause Evan was green grass but Evan just thought Dick was trying to bury him and wouldn't wouldn't cooperate and then later on ended up with the slater slap the Shit Outta Bevan backstage in the locker room but that was I met. Verne was during that event. Vern came down. It was a three day tournament and burn came in and Nicest be man as legendary Vern Ganja but I think that Verne Verne was one of those guys you believed his own shit. Im- vern could be one hundred years old and the way that he was selling. Well let's go. Let's go fight was go outside? Double tough guy amateur wrestler Olympian and a bully. I think a lot of people saw vernice bully. Verne also was one of the greatest trainers of all time. I mean he the level of talent that came out of that camp. Good God if you could survive that much less come out of it and be able to walk. You had to be in pretty damn good shape and you had to be somebody that had the passion and the drive to do it. So Verne was good in that way. But by nineteen eighty five. I think it was slipping away from him. And Burn was in state of constant paranoia and the stamp kid coming in his backyard and running his his towns mention while she's a part of the AWA. She's managing buddy rose and Doug somers and they win the world tag team titles. They had a very famous feud against the midnight rockers. Mardi Jannati and a man that Sherry would manage seven years later when he first gets his big break. A singles wrestler The incomparable Shawn Michaels. Man The buddy rose and Doug somers bloody match with the midnight. Rockers became a tape trading classic. You ever see that match. Yes I have. And this was a period floor buddy. Buddy was kind of in the twilight of his career. If you will the swim buddy started getting really heavy. And but he just wouldn't one the buddy rose of all. Do you know the buddy rose in the Pacific north northwest now Portland Seattle that area working for Don owns and buddy could fly. He was a big guy. He was not great Shea but the son of a bitch could cut a promo. You would not believe real name. Paul Per Sherman had broken under Verne and he had gone on. And you go back in the real early eighties. And he was flying around. Lear jets and limousines is a shoot living the gimmick a playboy buddy rose and nobody could nobody could touch him in now thou was kind of his career. He had He'd probably smelled most of his career. Go Away and buddy needed help. Doug somers big I but a journeyman. Doug was never going to be a main event or anywhere and Doug couldn't cut a promo to save his life my opinion but the teen like Buddy help. Doug and Doug held buddy but sherry made them complete because Sherry could the promos Sherry when the one much going on in the Ring Sherry was making sure the shit going on outside of the ring. She could bomb. She could fly and she could make baby face. Look.

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