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Stormy weather to continue. We will have rain this afternoon. Breezy conditions in Seattle with a high about fifty and then the snow increasing later tonight and tomorrow. So we have up to three feet potentially of new snow in the cascade passes. Rain tomorrow in Seattle with some sun breaks downtown. Now, it's forty eight a KOMO news. A young entrepreneur is cleaning up. This Christmas is almost Brian Calvert tells us if you like goo, his Oetzi website is just for you. Gavin purser usually has a pretty busy day. I get my homework done in class. And then go home and start doing whatever I need to deal like package orders are either mixon prevents. Yes. He said slime as in the toy aisle sensation of the last couple of years. Perhaps you've heard of it some people then some people don't it can be sticky definitely slimy. And in Gavin's case, it can be very colorful this fifteen year old has his own business called what else slime king's clouds. This phone be like kind of crunchy sign slime is so big. He just got home from national slime convention. So how did Gavin get started on this sticky adventure? Pies and sizes I try to do it. And then my count is kind of crazy. I thought that it was going to be like just a fad kind of went away. But a year later, it's just gotten crazy. Elizabeth sparks now helps her son when she can't after all the orders keep coming in. I'm so proud of him. He has worked so hard. That's basically what he does. Besides having amazing grains at school. And apparently, you don't even have to touch slime in order to enjoy its benefits video of the Kennewick teenager, and his slime is surpassed a million and a half us because just watching slime can be therapeutic especially for those with autonomous sensory. Meridian response or ASMAR has come to watch it.

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