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He probably did what you guys talked about? No, he's doing like tiny houses or something. KENDALL Jenner showed a nipple slip norm. Donald is show is still on after an apology and explanation. Fuck. Yeah, the show going to be awesome, and it's going to be awesome, and that's. I can't blame people forgetting. I never. You know, it's fucking rough is they were saying like Jimmy Fallon cancelled norm backstage. He went like right before is about to go on. Jimmy Fallon went back and was like, yo you, you're bumped normally what. He was like, are executive producers crying. Yeah, is the executive producer and all the producers on the show, all the female producers were all crying that they're going to get Norman because he was a sec. He's defended Louis. And the defendant vote loomed Roseanne and they're like, this is our show too, and we don't want him on because he defended them by the way, two of his friends and they were crying that's like fucking intense man. I've never cried. Never cried for a TV show. Definitely not doing Falun now. I'm definitely doing Fallon because I'm sure someone's going to go fucking Google search me, and then they'll be crying like he taught us talking about his daughters negatively fucking crying is like crying. Just say, no. Just be like, fuck. No, it's not happening here is immer me. I mean, I'm not saying that's the patriarchy talking. I'm just saying. Wouldn't that have been the perfect time to have him on. No, because Jimmy Fallon, here's why. Here's why Jimmy Fallon is not. His whole thing isn't politics. He's just fun. Like he's not a polit political comedian. He now has to political jokes because he humanized Trump. He made a human by the way I'm quoting Norman this by the way, this is what norm got Norman trouble. He humanized a human human is Donald Trump, whereas the left didn't want him humanized. They wanted him to look like a devil and Jimmy Fallon on mess over this hair and everyone's like not that bad, and they didn't want that. The same women that were crying, I guess were like, don't do that. And so then he started doing political jokes. I can understand if like I can understand norm has sexually assaulted somebody if he had raped a woman, I can understand. I can definitely understand. There's crying. Yeah, I would definitely. I can fucking I'm I got their backs hard as fuck, but he just he just misspoke and was taken maybe maybe misquoted spoke. Maybe he believes that maybe I don't know. Like. Oh, no. Oh. CBS is out. Oh, yeah. Yup. Less move as gone. This all I'm doing is talking about fucking news. I'm a fucking bore. Let's get out of this by. We'll tell you hurricane Florence. Following that off on weekend. I'm obsessed with hurricanes. And this is a slow moving hurricane and a lowland state with a bunch of in like waterways inland, and they're predicting fourteen to twenty foot St. storm sees steam storms steam storms. What I was high when I did this podcast. So if anything I said is if you're a producer Jimmy Fallon, and now you're fucking irate because I'm confused that you cried over norm Donald. I apologize. I wasn't thinking was high. Carolina coast is going to be, let's get out of this shit and find something interesting. Some fat. Fuck made it on Instagram. SCO, the score NAMI. Let's get out of this Jess. Mount now Miami Dolphins what happened with the Miami Dolphins. Oh, wow. The dolphins have a lightning strike game. Pigskin classic. Ooh, that's me. Googling myself. Let's get out of that third time today. I've been a lot of heads up again. It's up again and just just to make sure to take both those down. Let's get to where we wanted to talk about this family. World's submarine out. There's something about there's something about being on a skinny boat. There's something about diving open water, diving. There's something about flash flood. There's something about living on a boat about harsh is about that..

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