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In the corner on occasions like that we've studied train as down the years and you find that some train is a brilliant in this environment in the gym but khan handle the pressure on the lights on the big night whereas you've got diamond robot cracking who's who's as fighter and trainer he's books for world tarts he's been under pressure is books in america himself away from home he's been there we've called shit wembley stadium you know oh in america joan pass cows your main tighter on drywall spots around this as as much as i respect roma's china i respect him as a friend then if there's ever anyone's opinion on value in boxing as route i mean if there's ever i mean recently we've done the all you loosen off the kazak gold medallist we just signed you know i didn't know about him i know he won the sense mccracken wrote so many scott then he all lucile said any good win any good as exceptional strike on the planes kazakhstan to sign and rope roby's as a sponge of knowledge of the the entire sport the business art as well one of the first guys to be self managed in this box boxing you know he didn't know his own negotiations and deals to and you know josh listens to him in out the ring is a very important part too and it's when you're in this gym at and you look at those photographs in those posters more than photographs around the periphery and how young some of them look and the olympic dates and the nature of the middle bronze gold silver and then that you realize just what a remarkable story that your show is and i mean you'll know somebody needs to take confidence pill every morning but when you put on a fight whether it's tack ham pool f or in this case joseph parka millennium stadium principality stadium and it's eighty thousand people does any of you think is he going to sell.

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