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Was made the site was not accepting new applications so that workers and the system could deal with the backlog the governor says three hundred thousand unemployment claims process this weekend those claims are expected to be paid out over the next day or so and Jacksonville mayor Lenny curry says he is gradually and methodically considering when and how to re opened restaurants and other businesses in Jacksonville and while he did not mention any specific dates or details about how we will be done he did ask restaurants to begin preparing for a limited re opening of their dining rooms and lieutenant governor Jeanette Nunez says the state is taking a measured approach to re opening the economy it's not that much about it sends over this nonsense about days what if they think you how do we do it and so there's a lot of measures and strategies in place to help businesses as they begin to reopen Nunez says the timetable will vary depending on the county and the top rated beach in America is back open with restrictions precocial has details siesta beach is among the beach is now open in Sarasota county running walking surfing and fishing are allowed but social distancing rules still apply and beach goers are not allowed to sun bather gathering groups Charlotte County beaches are also back open in Key West is re opening its beaches parks and recreational facilities but the Florida Keys remain off limits to tourists and visitors precocial NBC news radio and Airbnb has a new cleaning policy in the midst of the corona virus pandemic the new rules include forty pages of standards for cleanliness that need to be mad at properties listed on the site the company's also mandating at least twenty four hours between rentals are property to reduce the chance of spreading a virus and today was national prime rib day normally people are encouraged you to cut at restaurants but for now it has to be to go with Florida's news I'm John pfam I heart media no small businesses.

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