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Welcome back to coach the coach George dory with you're going to hear different perspectives tonight for the first couple hours about the coronavirus with four degrees from Massachusetts institute of technology including a PhD in biological engineering Dr Shiva either dory is a world renowned system scientist is recognized by the U. S. government as the inventor of email when he was fourteen years old and has developed systems for major breakthroughs that provide an integrated framework linking eastern and western medicine together his latest invention emerging from his doctoral research it up I. T. provides a revolutionary platform for modeling complex biological phenomenon to support the development of multi combination medicines without animal testing as well Dr Sheba I adore here on coast to coast doctor welcome to the show dear how are you I'm fine and thank you for having the guts to step forward I did notice that article that I mentioned briefly a couple minutes ago and that caught my eye and I called up my executive producer Ann Shipley so we've got to get doctors Shiva we got to get him on you're pretty gutsy for doing this but very important so I want to thank you first of all on behalf of everybody listening to the show tonight current law now let's let's get into a couple will talk about the email that you created the little later in the program tonight but give me your thoughts on the corona virus right now Dr and where do you think we stand with this very bizarre disease well I think the first thing you know is the opportunity for people to not get caught into this fear mongering and to really step back and get educated at that and I hope to do that I want to help people and that begins with understanding the immune system the problem in biology by and large I'm do not study the study part not a complex pathways and immune process but they don't understand entire system unfortunately the medical school education also makes ignorant most engagement how immune system works the first question is the first observation is that it's not the virus this is gonna sound you know going counter to what's been put out there it's not part it harms or kills I okay and if you ask the typical medical school student M. D. you know what's going on you don't typically they they themselves have been taught or they think that the virus is some type of monster that's going eating your tissues and that the vaccine that comes in a box that but that's far from what's really going on the reality it's the weekend and dysfunctional immune system overreaction in the individual right and in a particular individual right based on their particular genetics epigenetics McCall stress inoculation everyone is different that's one of the things that emerged when the genome project ended in two thousand and three and it turns out that we only have about twenty thousand genes in the same number into the war when we went into the genome project in nineteen ninety three the thought was when you warm it twenty thousand genes we thought we would have a million G. we have about the same number of genes what emerged out of the genome project it happened genetics which means things that surround us what we eat things that were put in us these can turn on and turn off genes and then as you said varies by the individual so the other thing that emerge from the genome project when it ended with one size does not fit all and medicine realized it needed to move to a personalized medicine which meant the right medicine for the right person at the right time coincidently or incidently that's how traditional systems of medicine are in a group in a small village in India when I was a kid my grandmother practice traditional systems of medicine even though two people had the same problem it in the mail actually at the same medicines so what we have is when the immune system again varies per person person that run of bars comes in you know you have veteran eighty trillion viruses in you right now she's about six trillion cells all trying to take over our bodies aren't today when we emerged out of that right your body and are the ones who would make this immune system of the operating system of the body and it has emerged out of that and we've you know seven point two billion about us right so it's not like we're some weak species leverage from that you know how to fight pirates of every microsecond you're body is detecting pathogens it turns on various subsystems to modulate that and take care of it aren't such a normal mode and if you look at for example a deal Italy and the median age of people died was in their eighties right right it's the underlying and immuno compromised this aspect is not even highlighted in the press the people are dying you know the ninety five ninety eight percent or the people or immuno compromised with underlying conditions or they're elderly and why is that well it mentions stem immune system it's easy to explain this because as you age your thyroid function for example example gets depleted as you age you have less hardcore Catherine our current level goes down your body is not able to convert keratinocytes which is from foods even even carrying properly into vitamin a vitamin a literally and again unfortunately big pharma medical school education doesn't teach most MPs have cast him to have a vitamin a work I can't really explain it to you well they don't live in a creek side cairns which literally built shielding around yourselves that's one important function the other piece of this is that vitamin D. is extremely important when you get proper you UP and NO radiation your body takes that makes vitamin D. well that parliament being converted to a very very important chemical called capitalist seated and the scalpel seed are like bullets that literally you're fired and disrupt the membrane of bacteria and viruses etcetera the vitamin D. is literally an anti bacterial funny you say that too because a couple weeks ago the former head of the CDC centers for disease control and prevention said that vitamin D. is essential to try to battle this coronavirus in order to say that the data coupled eight about couple weeks ago yeah graduate started saying that after I started and I sent a letter to the president saying that we should really be at triage adding that the people that we have we don't need to shut down the entire country we do need to take care of the people that they were diagnosed with that we should take care of the people are immuno compromised and the critical thing to do to three different and high risk groups but the majority of us we should support ourselves a proper vitamin D. you know supplementation vitamin a vitamin C. supplementation get back to work we need to balance immune health with economic health what happened is instead of doing that instead of understanding the immune system and is direct you know the strength of the immune system is directly offensive it's invalid to be resilient Dr we're gonna take a break in the second but I got to ask you this is do you really believe that one person in Wuhan who apparently got this at the wet market of diseased animals has caused all this across the planet one person that doesn't seem to make sense in fact I haven't even been able to find I understand right exactly there's something else going on here the fact that they have the viral lab in Wuhan somebody's been playing around with something while off and on there were massive protests taking place against the Chinese government six months before you talk about that yeah let's talk about that when we come back and I suspect that this virus has probably been in the system much longer than we think you know it's it's got similarities to the for seasonal flu for all we know people who thought they had the flu at the corona virus months and months ago so we're going to come back in a moment with Dr Shiva I adore you and talk more about this next hour will open up the phone lines and we'll take your calls very serious subject but he's somebody who's been at at ten I really respect his views the free coast zone email newsletter is sent out six days a week it is a great way to keep up on all 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