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The colts and maybe the patriots for hebron all the more reason for the patriots know what the hell rob gronkowski is gonna do hey gronk if you're out let us know we're gonna go sign eric hebron and i don't know what the issue ultimately was bill polian was bashing e brown he never really matured he didn't accept the responsibilities of being an nfl player some i would just over the it felt over the top it felt personal almost he was crapping on the guy so much but he'll get another opportunity he's going to have to prove it and it'll be interesting to see if he ever opens up as to what happened in detroit and i i thought the guy was going to be great coming on north carolina another reason why every fan out there should be glad that i'm not involved in picking players before we go for this segment and you'd mentioned tom benson ninety year old owner of the saints owner since may of nineteen eighty five bought the new orleans pelicans in two thousand twelve tom benson passed away yesterday his wife gail becomes the owner automatically this was set up you may remember the litigation from a few years back because there were family members who were frozen out as a result of a change in benson's desires and now gale benson steps in the litigations all resolved she's been pre approved by the nfl and the nba gale benson becomes the rare female owner of an nfl franchise and she also owns an nba franchise and apparently there's enough of a family fortune there to pay the estate taxes whatever they may be arising from the passing of mr benson and she'll be able to continue to operate those franchises and look once time passes maybe she decides to sell she can do whatever she wants but for now gale benson becomes the owner the saints and the pelicans and we send our condolences to the saints the benson family and his many associates from over the years take a quick break when we return sean mcdonough had some comments about monday night football that maybe very telling as to the future of that franchise on espn pf back after this take a break member.

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