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I think there's something that are frowned upon to like just just cracking jokes new crooked joke. My favorite part though is that he wouldn't fool like i learned by watching you keep blaming the forefathers like the ancestors of basil media you know. Listen you could say if you looked at the numbers if you're into that sort of thing that when he went to houston garrett cole that his spin rate did joke. That is the loss of d. Did take an uptake thing. That drives me the most nuts about this. Is it sort of understood. That pitchers always use aids. I mean i certainly in my day even in fast pitch played with pitchers that would use a little something something right to help with their grip but their complaint is well. If i can't use these instances then i'm going to be pitching these hundred mile per hour pitches and i don't know where they're gonna go well then that pitch shouldn't be in your repertoire. Is you need to use some sticky substance in order to knock corinne someone in the head with it so either. Crackdown on it or not. But the ironic part about this boat to me. Is it in baseball. Where they have been complaining for years and years and years about pace of play they now want to eliminate the one thing that actually speeds up games and that is pitchers tools. Yeah but yeah but nobody nobody wants. This is right and now baseball is based but they're going to stop and frisk right gonna come out here every now and then up against the wall. See what you got. But i don't know other solution they have. Because there's no like when i look back what i was. A kid and guys will get caught cheating. It took something big to happen for. You actually be able to catch them cheating right. Joe negro throwing the imrie bored out of his back pocket. Kevin grows getting caught going up and down in his glove with this other stuff. Since baseball is all about grow mid touching sales. You can always put a little slow. I'm here putting a something there. Grab your cup. Scratch it around like this. He's different ways to do it now. They go have to stop and frisk which means the some pyre is going to have to give them club chris to wanted him. Do get a cough. You question which hitter had the more embarrassing non homerun all right. So we're going to nod home runs here. I could bryan hayes.

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