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Is when you eat that way how do you set up the environment where you're kind gentle nurturing in that moment you actually need a ton of love because you've made a mistake and we all flourish in that kind of environment and the other piece for for her and for most people when you're leading addictive lee you go mindless nobody eating addictive lee nobody is using any kind of drug in a mindful way so i've said to her you know what before you pick up a food or use food understand that you're telling yourself alive whatever that lie is it could be the dietl starch moral i deserve it or maybe own today was too hard and too many people upset me so i'm going to eat what i want whatever that law is just hear it say okay i'm gonna believe this lie and now i'm going to line fully eat or mindfully binge but i'm gonna do this all with my eyes open i'm not gonna go mindless i'm not gonna turn on netflix look at my phone gonna be present isn't during this which is very difficult to do it have to be mindless to eat addictive lead the antidote is mindfulness while at and that's so true because i remember i would go to the gas station in in i would buy like i don't even know twenty dollars worth of candy in let's be honest that's a lot of candy then i would just almost black out like i drink or something just like blackout i know i know but you but if i would go through fast food you know drive through i would need not only the meal that i was going to eat at home but i needed something to eat while i was driving because i couldn't wait the five minute drive so i'm shoving bras down my throat but i mean more fries for when i get home like that's the the the insanity of addiction in that that sense of urgency in it's like i have a craving and i must fill it right now like it's almost like a light a life or death kind of feeling like so much inside until i can get my drug and start eating mint.

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