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Think he shouldn't declare a national emergency that would be unconstitutional if anyone on his team. Wants to read Sawyer versus Youngstown. They'll realize the supreme court has held already than something. Like, this is I'm constitutional White House. Officials say the president is now in search of about six and a half billion dollars for the wall, which would come from other sources council will meet this Morgan members are expected to get the on the toughest outbreak downtown. The flavor Nilda has been reported inside city hall likely spread by rodents in the building. Las weights council last the general services department for advice on how to combat the problem, and that could include removing all the carpeting. A security guard who fired a shot at a transgender woman outside a synagogue of Ron Beverly across from Pan Pacific park in L A. Well, the security guard has been arrested by the LAPD KNX ten seventy s John Baird joins us live with the latest. The shooting happened at mid-day Thursdays. Internet activists Zoe Perez was videotaping around the synagogue. There was a back and forth with a security guard. There lasted thirty or forty minutes. He kept telling her to go away. And then. Peres who describes herself as a first amendment auditor often post videos to her YouTube account as she prods and videotapes sensitive properties. Now after she was shot. Police arrived she was taken to the hospital for an injury to her leg. And that she returned a little later in a police car to tell her side of what happened. She said the guard was following her around telling her to leave and threatening to shoot her as she keeps. Videotaping.

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