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Wait 'til. We're gonna talk about UCS. So let's inhibits the shelves. Get to keep all their cholesterol. HDL cholesterol should roof. That's good. FD me logically right? Turn first principles. It doesn't even make sense in light of what you just told us, but they didn't know that Dan either. Remember this whole HDL story has evolved to the weight so that. So that's interesting. I don't think I understood that so I should give them more credit. Are you saying that absolutely was not known theories on guys like Dan Reiter was always talking about it, but you don't know how much you're interrupting assists with debt and everything. You know, they're so heavily focused on basic lipid biomarkers like LDL cholesterol, Elche cholesterol. It's the same, the nice story. How could it not work? It raises h. l. cholesterol turns out nice and doesn't work. If you wanna take a legitimate trials to show it works. And is there a price for using nice and even if you don't believe the legitimate trials. So that's another story which will probably get definitely get Get into. into this is one area where your peers will argue with you. Some Ma many will not other than heart's. I've tried everything else. Nothing else's work. Let me look. I'm a guy, took an nice in myself a bunch of years. So before I knew what I knew now and didn't unfortunately work for me anyway. So this CAT ATP it's going to raise HBO cholesterol, but how much it raises. It really depends on the potency of the inhibitor and are different degrees of c. Topalian Bishen we have weaken hypnotism..

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