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The? Understand you're on your own for that past ninety days your Medicare supplement your is, not gonna cover? It well let's be let's hang. Onto the healthcare discussion for. The next segment I think we'll get into that after the break but let. Me ask. You one. More thing as we talk about taxes Phyllis and you talk about all these people who have been saving up money in something like, the 401K at work and they might be, setting themselves, up for a huge tax liability when they start taking money out of that what can. We do, to avoid that tax bomb or can, be avoided. Is it just something we have to hold our nose and deal with. Absolutely, can be moderated okay not avoid it. Okay having a forward-looking tax strategy so one of the things that we Always do when I retire fit analysis is we show people the ramifications their tax bracket how, much they're actually going to pay, out of their retirement accounts in a real, software your numbers, your, tax rate. This is how much you have. In your retirement account if you just take, out what the government requires you. To, take up, this is how much you're gonna pay in taxes if. You follow conventional wisdom and wait to the government, says that you have to start taking that money at seventy and a, half, we show them those tax dollars then Lee redo things showing them how to take that money out maybe ahead, of when they're supposed to take it out or take different streams of income a different distribution strategy and more, times than not we are able to show them significant savings by planning? Ahead even if you're already taking required minimum distribution there are often things that you can do. To. Better strategize just. Put. Dollars in your pocket but. Anybody can tell you anything but number There's tell the real story that's why we have this great software that's why it's, part of the, retire fit analysis you've got to understand where you are before you can make decisions you, need a, plan I then. You need to start picking up products which are the. Solutions so I'm glad you brought that up that's why you want to, pick up the phone and call us if you're. Like most people and you have these Prete axed accounts you probably have attacked bomb and I'll bet we can help you diffuse it. To some degree anyway and dollar. Saved is a dollar, earned so pick up the phone and call, us at six to three seven nine to fifty four ninety six again six to three, seven nine to.

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