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On the pedestrian bridge collapse at florida international university in miami recovery workers were at the scene of the tragedy all night long and add a briefing early this morning police said the death toll was up to six toll which spokesman alvarado's of lettuce says could rise the boss ability sad possibility that under the concrete there may be additional vehicles so far they know of eight vehicles that were crushed the bridge was in just last saturday a safety measure taken after an f i u student was struck by vehicle and killed last year victor reports on how the nine hundred fifty tonnes span was built it was fabricated at the side of the road and hoisted into position six days ago it's become a preferred method for constructing bridges because that keeps the construction workers away from traffic and this is a major eight lane thoroughfare they're going to be looking at everything the fabrication the crane operation how it was fastened to place then the suspension cables which were being tightened when the bridge came down the ntsb and fbi are all on the scene trying to determine the cause of the collapse after an attack on an ex russian spy in the uk the trump administration is speaking out and taking action in some other matters kenneth moulton reports resident trump is joining leaders from the uk france and germany condemning russia for the poison attack on a former russian spy and his daughter in england for the first time the trump administration also hit several russians with sanctions for alleged election meddling and accused moscow of an elaborate plot to target the us's electric grid factories water supply.

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