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Rest cure and it's super easy to use you just spray the rest the area. in an hour you're gonna wipe off the oily residue. and you do that so that it will cure faster and then you let it cure for about five days in the seat that we're having right now it might cure a little bit faster you'll know it's cured because it'll turn gun metal grey in that gun metal grey is the primer the rest your makes its own primer so you do not have to prime afterwards so you can either then use any pain you want to spray paint or whatever and then. or you can just leave it as is a lot of people are not going to spray paint something they're just gonna take care of the rest. and not have to worry about it again because once you take care of the rest with rest cure. it is done. so. let me tell you where we're located again we're at twenty three sixty one north west military highway which is about two miles north of loop for ten right past the light at lock kill Selma if you're coming from sixteen oh four it's just as easy to find you take the northwest military highway exit and we are nine lives in like I said earlier this store is going to be open till six thirty today and tomorrow eleven to five we've got some great events coming up in October. this is the last weekend in September and is start in October the second week in in October is going to be our fall feasts that we do every year and you say well what is fall feast all these gives us a chance to sample all of our gourmet foods that we Kerry during the year and then we bring in even more to help you with your fall of parties and things like that so whether you have to do thanksgiving or do Christmas or do bongo parties or what school functions are church functions we put together all of our gourmet foods and show you how easy it is to put on a really nice bread either for your family or for your customers we bring in all of our gourmet foods which means all of our wind in willow all of our country home and then we bring in spices to cook on the grill with and when I say cook on the grill I mean we cook on our Traeger grill. and we use the different spices that we have I love the spice one that we Kerry called almighty spices almighty spices is very popular in San Antonio it won an award in so if you want to take a look at the spices that he has he has a house one he has a barbecue one and he has a seafood one and these are all recipes that he got from his folks from his dad from his mom and they handle in these things so they are awesome he's coming out with the salt free line and so by the time that we have Paul feast we will have his salt free line if that's necessary for you. we're also going to include barking bodies this year now what is barking bodies I bet you can think this is for our people that have dogs and they want special little gifts for maybe for people who have dogs or maybe just for their own dogs but let me tell you they're all natural they're made by they're made right here in the USA of course and they're all done by kids with disabilities and they cross that out input abilities and even a Max like them if you don't know who Max is Max is the dog at our store in he's very finicky you won't eat anything but he did love barking bodies and if you go to our Facebook page which is Johnny tricks Homan hardware or treaties gift shop you can see a picture of the barking bodies and also Max who is giving it his dog seal of approval. so that's what's going to be going on in October on it be October the twelfth from eleven to three so be sure and make sure you're on our email list so that you can stay it abreast of all the things that we're gonna have from that from now on because we have several events going on all right so.

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