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Who are Tio Lynch. This great woman also she's a member of some charismatic prayer group and they're attacking her for that. So what do you think is gonna happen? Paul, just take the temperature. I mean, you've already predictive powers have proven good in the past. So what do you think's gonna happen now? I think they'll they'll manage to get her through. I don't want to comment on whether Mr Trump is goingto win or not. I think it's 50 50, but I I'm praying that this woman is confirmed. That's all I can say. Yeah, yeah, It's gonna be a tough road, though. Just because of the attacks. I don't think there's any any issue with her getting through. At this point. It looks like Senate Republicans are gonna vote for Senate Democrats. By the way, I've already said they're not going to meet with her. They're not even gonna have conversations, right? No time in the office, no consulting, no advice and consent. They're just going to be obstinate, and they're going to throw a tantrum and they're going to refuse to meet with her. And then vote against her right because it's the president who's breaking the norms. You say he's the one is not following the Constitution. He's the one who's not doing his job. That's what the Senate that's what the Democrats are telling you. Meanwhile, they refused to meet with Amy Cockney Barrel. Of course, so they're going to make an informed vote, which is what we all want. We want everyone to make informed votes. We have Ah, lot of a lot of great guests on this subject this morning, Mary. We got Joe diGenova 705, D. J. Jordan has adopted some Children. We'll talk to him about that at 7 35 and Judge Jeannine Pirro will join us at 805 to talk about What is now? Unbelievably the hottest story in an already hot ear 6 24 male Washington's mall. Everybody's talking.

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