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The water treatment agency, and to city inspectors they questioned everyone at the exact same time that way no one target. Could worn any other target to hush up or destroy evidence. Or get a lawyer. Percy Giles was in his west side office when the FBI showed up he's the alderman who met John Christopher EDNA soul food restaurant and the X me on. No, Don, Christopher I told him note because it didn't dawn on me. Then later, the do know by them lying about their relationship with John Christopher would show that they know that there's some reason for them to lie about that relationship ridge shows that they have some understanding that it is a corrupt relationship. I'm accident. Do I need a lawyer? And they told me you might when I went home that night. And I remember I was nervous so nervous. When I tell my wife about it. I remember, my knees. Just fell Monday me, I almost fell to the floor. Percy Giles was afraid, but he didn't think he'd done anything wrong. But other alderman came clean. We hid multiple confessions came that were being reported back to us in the command post, which was really surprising. We didn't expect it and I. That these guys were so stunned to learn that John was working with us that they just figured they had nowhere to go and alderman named Ambrosi Oma drano had taken thirty one thousand dollars in bribes from John Christopher in exchange for helping him with his dumping operations in interviews after the takedown Madonna had trouble explaining to the press why he'd succumb to John. Christopher's charms. You know? I don't think that whenever anybody does anything wrong. The really no one. I don't know the honest with that it was just move on. It wasn't. Yes. He was I can't tell you that from the initial meeting that I had with him. And the first time that I actually met with him and accept the money had been several months. I mean, he had. Called him. Badgered me calls me and asks asked me to meet with him, I refuse why I finally gave in. I don't know. That was the mistake. I mean, I I accept total responsibility for what I did alderman Madonna pled guilty and went to prison for thirty months when he got out he ran for office again, but ended up going back to prison a second time on new corruption charges. Over three years. Federal prosecutors. Indicted a dozen Chicago officials caught up in operation, silver, shovel almost all pled guilty or were convicted of corruption. The only politician who was acquitted of all charges was Ray free s the reluctant sounding state legislator. Who'd never made an arrangement like that before alderman Percy Giles says he still bewildered as to why the F B I chose him as a target. He argues that the F B I turned and otherwise loyal public servant into a figure of corruption this month. My business running my war. They send somebody to me and give me some phony money to manufacture a crime. Then they say, oh, we got him. He committed a crime to me, they can do that with anybody. They want. I think that was totally unfair. With operation silver shovel over and done with what happened the John Christopher's vacant lot. I don't think that we had any obligation to clean up. Mount Henry because first of all it's not what we do. And we didn't create it. That's next on reveal..

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