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We have some bad news, a big injury in the national women's soccer league that could impact the future of the U.S. women's national team pool. But let's start with the game that we just witnessed. The United States against Japan from dusseldorf. In Germany, quiet stadium. Not a great pitch. 7 minutes in though, what felt like a good start for the Americans. So Gino destined to spend 8 and Jill raina sprained that ball out wide as Virginia and desk, showing good strength there. Brilliant ball across and you've got to be a killer in that box. That is a goal you have to score. Big news before this game, of course, no Christmas. Oh, ballistic. Starting lineup. Here's a turnover for the U.S.. Oh no. Who vote with the shot Matt Turner big early save? One of the many turnovers by the U.S. back line. Really an unforced error and it's Matt Turner coming up big there. So Japan couldn't take the lead. Early, but a few minutes later they do. It's here in the 24th minute. Turnover in midfield, daiichi Kamala gonna get it. All alone converts and at first the offside flag goes up and we were told there wasn't even var in this game. And it's something there was more. And it was a goal. How about that hurt? Yeah, it is another yes. Another really, I guess you could say force turnover, Weston McKinney, forced to play with his back to goal, gives us the ball, sergino dest, a pie, Matt Turner, hung out to dry, it was a recurring theme. There goes the goal and then again, Weston McKinney backed the goal, comes right back down to her throat. On this one, Matt Turner comes up with a say, but a recurring theme throughout this game for the U.S. men's national team. Yeah, Matt Turner, though, the big, big stop on Ito. He had a couple of those throughout this match to keep it at one nothing in the second half. Ten minutes after that, 65th minute, another chance for Japan. Look at this. On the sideline, you get double to give up the ball. A one V one situation right there. And again, it's Matt Turner having to come up big, yet again for the U.S. man's national team. It's the way they turn the ball over. Whether it was defensively or in the midfield, they just let you chance at the chance for Japan. Never a good thing when your goalie is probably your best performer, 81st minute. Chance here for the United States, Brendan aronson, just misses. Yeah, Johnny cardoza right here, very good turnover that led to the Brendan errands enchants. As good as he got for the U.S. men's national team, not even on goal, but it's a shot at least, and then Reggie can. You can not do this. You can not turn your back on the play. Turn your back in the defensive third, Japan taking just care of business. Again, another turnover Matt Turner can't do anything about this. Let's hear from Greg berhalter after the match. Greg, what did you see from your team today? You know, I think it was a really competitive match. I think we ended up hurting ourselves a little bit too much in the game with silly giveaways. And we want a little more personality in the mansion. Give Japan a lot of credit, good team, competitive team that pressed well. But we can do better. A lot of attention obviously on the central defense. How did you evaluate what you saw from that position? We'll look at the tape and we'll analyze it more carefully. I think there were some good moments, some moments that can be improved, but we'll evaluate

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