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Playoff than you start talking about rule of this team would apply this russian accomplish team will he would have and also as kuta route allstar game in our leaking and we proved that you could do that bolus does not does not get you crazy about through the baltic quotas till the bronze says to preserve the history and tradition of the game let's just leave it alone i'm not in favor of that and he talked about some of the different super teams teams have dominated for a stretch including his miami heat team a few years ago and he says let's just leave it the way that it is not in favor of of blowing up the tradition in the past the way that we've established it so that's interesting from lebrun go ahead mess with the allstar game he says but don't mess with the playoff format and i don't know if he's speaking personally thinking about the cleveland cavaliers and how they have a better chance of coming out of the eastern conference than they would if they were kinda thrown into a big pot with some of the power teams in the west i don't feel like that's something you would hear from laurent because he's he's fearless right him he believes that they can win he can win every time the cavaliers step on the court so i'm not i'm not exactly shore where that's coming from what i like what he has to say about preserving the tradition i kinda feel the same way though i can't really explain to you why i feel like it's the geographical rivalries that i look forward to some of the repeat matchups in the playoffs that hey we get to see these guys again this particular series again so you know i mean i'm not morally opposed to changing the format but i i kinda like it the way it is i feel like it in your conferences because of the way that schedules are waited in and the teams that you see all the time that the east and west pairings are are all right plus a one versus the 16 to me seems like.

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