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Cheated in the new york marathon and the awesome thing was this shattuck i'd forgotten to read this so she used a similar strategy when she was trying to qualify she took the subway instead of running most of the course and this is according to the new york daily news release explain the fact that she was wearing a marathon number by telling fellow subway riders that she had twisted her ankle and just wanted to see the end of the race which is sorta like i mean you know this other guy who sees the german on the green line trolley is instantly interested in sort of trying to figure out what's going on and that's sort of the that's sort of what happens with this there's people on the train on the subway who basically are wondering what she's doing and she's explaining her actions by saying she twist your ankle and she just wants to see the end of the race she may not have had much training as a distance runner but she seemed to have had great practice and bending the truth even her application for the new york marathon was based on a lie and associated press story revealed that she submitted the form after the deadline had passed but then she got special dispensation by claiming that she had a fatal brain tumor like if you're gonna go and cheat and lie i mean you this she's just gone all out right this is a woman who yeah absolutely just decided she wasn't going to she was gonna leave it all on the court shattuck so there you go the moxie a rosie ruiz and i was just reading something where there was a fellow who actually ended up naming his dog after dog after rosie ruiz because the dog joined him halfway through the marathon and it was it was it was pretty awesome.

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