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Self. And I was like so I got paid as a contestant on reality. ARE THAT WAS A. Two days. I have a cooking show. I'd. Sanford. You'll die slower. People are definitely watching this because people. This is actually doing shockingly well by the way pitch, this show to food network and there were like hardback. These shows pitch new scripts right before I left I pitched bathrooms bathrooms bathrooms, so we're going to your house and turn every room into a bathroom. How great is that? WHAT THE FUCK CABINET! My living room and I show! You mean your bathroom. Blind design. We're blind guy comes in and designs your house. I'm like fuck. People are GonNa Watch. This is my first house crashers yard, crashers, backbenchers, Mook crashers, but look crashers go to home depot. Guys in line in the shovels w build a moat today. You want one you guys. Go take a fucking mode, and then we built a fully functioning moat around his. Then I can't wait till his wife comes home and. Drop. burning. With comics and they're like, can you? Not Really. It'll be just one. Task. And sometimes when next ends up I know. He's on some Hollywood that. I don't know couldn't see I couldn't make it wasn't like. It was it was like? You're going to get hopper today for the team the team. Yes, you're five nine, so do you guys had to promote online where people can go, see see. Just my tour at. Tour I'm just on tour until. I take my new special outside's. Awesome closer new spread. How close is your new our to being like in your head? It's almost it's so I always do after I already think I have our after that I do I. Do one hundred shows before I take. Impulse? crapping? Because I believe you. Take that our and then for the next hundred fifty I will take it and flip it around and flip it around and move. Move Bits here. Yeah, but yeah the apartment not as close as you are. It's not like every you know. Everyone says like after you take your special. You always think of tags and stuff I don't well I've only point, but like that like I did one hundred jobs before that. Like one hundred fifteen and I was like no I. Don't have any I. I figured it all out. And then I went back and watched it and it was like it wasn't a good. From that ours die sooner, tape it. I walk away from it. I'm like I will think of tags that are so much better, and I'll kick myself in the ass sent, but yeah. We're what about you bobby. I'm just on tour. I'm doing a big tour coming up on. When's this out? I don't know this will come out soon. I got a big to the word announcing I. Don't know if I can I'm not supposed to announce it, but if it's next month, I think we get called creeps with kids me Ron Bennington rich Voss Jim Florentine well. How can we talk in? Guest spots on that. You? Don't fourteen days right now. So we're going to be adding more. But for the fall we got fourteen dates. It's going to be going up. It should be up now to go to my website Rhonda. Rich Varnedoe. Immediately, we'll do twenty minutes each at the end. We're GONNA fuck around. I, I, I had this show in the in the identity village underground concrete your kids. Ron Goes up at the end and he does a panel on parenting, so we kind of talks to us about how we apparently if people that ask questions, the actual panels hilarious. We're going to. We're going to be doing that, so the kids tours happening, so check out. Ron Beddington one of the best. To Titus in with a Jim Florentine of kids running story Jim. Florentine and I ran a half marathon together in Tampa. We did Radio Marathon tomorrow. Once you do it news. Gosh! Sure so he goes out buys all new gear. Shows up gets two hours of sleep drinking. All night comes out anyone seven miles with me legit and then he goes. I gotTA take a shit. He's like I'm going to Dell, so he goes into the Hilton takes. A shit eats breakfast nose to tip me up to me at the end of the race, and your sees the race, and just kind of hops back in and finish his thirty ninth in the half marathon and fitness aged group. Wayne Pretty Cut. Eight would wasn't even sweating. Where's the beer at? An epidemic of that happening in racing right now, people are cutting the course like what's his name? The X. Browns quarterback, instrument, Bell. Yeah arguing tonight. She was like she was like no. I'm just very fat. Like no bitch I will say that there was no understand where you run half of it, and then you're going to get done this shit, and you run a much faster miles than you ever would, but not six minute miles now. She was running boozer sub-60-minute miles. That's like professional. Yeah, yeah, that's great. That man can't catch a break. He's really dug himself a weird hall. Every now and then I. I'll do the myself. Jared still in jail. Waiting. Jared stew in jail. Waiting Kids believe. Was Just texting and Different between watching. Pocketed very close. Party I said I said I think what if they just made child pornography legal that way, these kids we WANNA fuck kids, but the watch kids getting as soon as it came into my mouth. My wife and kids are still getting. Very fucking. Point One time I told him I, said I found it was called convenience. Convenience stores it's convenience stores Uber. Driver says to me, yeah I just found out there edibles I go one years. I thought they were eatables. Go a different. I Just May. Prostitutes. was. No Dude? Getting. You have walked. Let me vote this year. Female. To go honey already devoted. Within your? So. Why did he let me vote this week? He said I don't like the way you hear Donald Trump's tweets. As. A black guy to slam dunk contest. was. Named they. Got That I was I was doing show doing a stand up show and I don't even have twitter on my phone or anything to. Someone sent it to me I was like I thirty minutes from my house right now I'm three. Totti's eight I had a sore throat. Now I had to go home and think of a fucking. People you pass that tweet to before you send it I call it a couple I. Chris Rock. Latest Game I. No I didn't I didn't call it into. Louis. Show. Don't, start. That we were dating. We weren't in data dating. That's against the law to. Create we can't. Kid who would be angry game. Panos his back to redheads having. The infinitives don't give. Enough to. Be. Poured out there to. Chris Rock Jon Stewart Stewart. can call them texting. fucking. Earn fear well, then. It was also like Sam morale.

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