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Chase Hooper showing some grit showing. Some toughness had beautiful ground and pound. Great you Jitsu and submission attempt after after submission attempt your winner by unanimous decision chased hooper. How good I am and I know it's GonNa take everyone out there to learn how good I am very guys? Welcome to UFC unfiltered Jimmy. What's up Oh my cranky? Today I didn't sleep well last night so I'll tell you I'm I'm a bitch. Today I drove home from Philly last night after a GIG and I just couldn't the sleep now I went to bed about twelve. Just it was literally. I couldn't get comfortable. I can feel like my head was itchy. It was one of those things where you just can't fall asleep. I could could I could I could relate to you with that I was I was near. I was in Ac on Saturday night Oh me longer. What if you guys fighting you know and You know They did they did. Great Dennis Zucca that a spirit about the young kid. Kid Did spitting fucking elbow that laid the guy out which was beautiful. I'll probably spend. You GotTa really hurt. Oh my God. Oh the jaw. Hey right in the fucking face. I think it was his temple. I got to see it again. I was case. Is You know. And then What's rains name? I didn't WANNA royalties. He's he's noodles but long ago did great guy these Ryan Patrick. Hope I said it right is listening but is it wrestling guys. Why Been Good Kids Ryan? Brian happy. He wanted dominating fashion. And then there was Charlie Campbell basically got held up against the cage and and no marks on them but he he he got out pointed that way but he definitely fucked up the dudes face. So if you'RE GONNA go out leash go out like that and learn something from it but Jimmy Irish so I had to come home. I like the I like to spend Sunday with my family. Sure so I left at like six in the morning but I didn't good either Jimmy and all about all good so the only reason I don't know if they're going out to eat with these guys and you know that was cool and but then get back to my room and I was just like I. I don't either sleep. I don't want him on the road you know. Sometimes it takes me a day or two at a moment there for a night Josh. Yeah so I got to last rest. Stop Jimmy You know around one hundred the next to last one took a fucking half an hour napa crazy. I wish I could do that. You'll do that in the car. Never I would never do it in in a car but I do in my truck. Does that make sense. Like somebody can't really come up to the window. But they have to like peeking on their toes. Or as I had to. They're not gonNA be able to come up. And you know maybe fucking son of Sammy some shit like you know what I mean like maybe could but you know it's all Michael Jordan's follow it has. That's right yeah so I took a half an hour. I set my long for eight thirty. So let me just fucking because my dude my father-in-law zero. He drives the fuck in Florida. Like conine often. He doesn't like how many times has a house there. He's back and forth like how to shoot. I'M NOT AC. My eyes are getting tall. You drive to fly fly but they'll probably take it in two days right. No no they go straight shot. Wow did they take naps. I don't know man. Maybe him and Uncle Tony. How okay once assists foul on drives? Maybe I couldn't do that. I could never sleep while someone else was driving. I'd be too afraid. He's the kill. Well I used to be able to buy my roaches would feature. I go sell and is taking naps. Sometimes he was driving. But I don't do that anymore no no I don't trust Geragos driving. I don't blame you you the type who would get angry very fast asks well. He's the type that was the big trucks. Fold that of us. I don't know and we'd be dead. I don't like to let him drive. I don't trust him again. This is Dr. No you know but I'll tell you right now. My wife is very nervous when I drive. And unless we get into fights and we get she's getting very close to the side my get hit anything but you know she backseat drive. Oh one hundred percent in the front seat driver it's annoying you know and then also let hard-drive but then she gets a little road rage so now I'm like all right my wife the sweetest thing. the she gets nasty behind the person's an asshole day. Whoa you you know that person just well? I'm not nervous when I'm Joe I'm telling you right now you bog at the she'll be like I'll kick his ass but we'll you really. Would you really kick his ass no and Scott Children Anyway so stop it right out of the car man. I don't WanNa have to smack anybody around you try to defuse the situation nation commonly I could defuse it. I would definitely try that. You know I mean but I you know I probably pointed him and then point to my head I it. She's crazy. Come on women driving. Only kidding I listed. It's just too much I don't need. I don't like the book sometimes you so you can pull out in front of somebody who doesn't mean the person's a fucking asshole. Maybe they are. Maybe maybe they just made the wrong call. That's right you know what I mean. But we're GONNA make several calls today. What a segue excellent Segue we learned from the best a very young feather way chase super? I didn't realize that he had no you see fights I know he was on the contenders series. That's a big car. They must really like this kid. Because that's a very very big card. They could put anybody anybody they want on it. And they're putting him on the on the prelims so they must have as fighting Daniel Taymor so they must have complete faith in him that he that he's he's the real deal Jimmy. I just had a real deal I should be. You should hit me once in a while or just open hand slapped my face when I say things like the real deal. Mega van the Holyfield. You see the real deal. He was yes good call. I would've forgot how many people you know people our age remember they do. Yeah Yeah I've interviewed interviewed Holyfield. He's a lovely man. I don't think he'll remember me. You know what is known. Maybe he will. He will remember me because I was the foul mouth fucking New Yorker Breath. Who's Kersey and I got? I got specific instructions. Not The curse in front of the gentleman and then that that time on Dana White looking for a fight the very first pilot episode that that that That announced that I was at Douchebag so yeah so I ended up just cursing the guy out and I felt I felt bad because you know. He's Nice Guy Mandalay feeling. He's a very nice guy but we're all grownups. Yeah I mean come on for Titan potty mouth we getting chase on the chase how are you man. What's up chasing good? Welcome to the show. Where are you now? I'm a house just hanging on my bed. I just woke up like an argus. We'll part of the country Seattle West Coast. Okay cool if you're on the east coast. I'm surprised so you're in camp. Now Yeah you at. What time will you get started? I'M GONNA probably go with it like ten or eleven in our to I start my day slow. You write your young guy to obviously that's people say like you were the youngest guy ever signed the the. UFC contract is that correct. That's pretty like pretty sketchy. I'm pretty sure like veto was like eighteen or nineteen go. You know. I'll tell you what we thought that a prep sheet incorrectly. That Sarah recognized that because matt is a emma may genius check check online though and it did back our guys up So I'm GonNa Trust you and Matt more than Wikipedia. Well I liked it. This kid has knowledge like now. Now Chase you grew up being being so you nine hundred twenty nine. What aww? He's twenty twenty four all right. Why did I answer when you asked him? I'm sorry chase he's right there and I answered for makeup early. I'm an idiot you grew up. Did you grow watching mixed martial law's how will you when you started watching and then how old were you when you start a training. I probably started washing about the same time I started training. So like like probably like eight years old So is the fights from probably around like two thousand seven two thousand eight that type of like timeframe named Mike Forrest Griffin when he was in his prime Z dot. What did you start with? Just everything or specific art started with Jitsu Jitsu. I feel like that definitely shows and a lot of fights nonce. Well who's your instructor. And where did you train I'm not a combat sport and fitness here here in enumclaw Washington. Probably don't do imply remember the Mr Hand stuff. That was actually got you by the way. Okay Mr His name. Was Kenneth Opinion. He was a Boeing engineer. And there was a horse involved. It was an ugly death match. Yeah Okay Farm was where you where you live that were the formulas where he was from. Yeah yeah wait a second and how it happened where you are thinking about. Probably that most people probably would wanNA watch and what other people might kid eight minutes to me to the thing. I thought it was funny. It was the only thing I saw a worse. Horsing in the Godfather was this the I was really a horrifying y. You're from that so all right. Do you know where that place is. Could you pass by that in your life in going out. That's the place you got to change. The REP is police. Sekely as more like the thing you find out about middle school. I vaguely know the area and Yeah excites a big story. In the town it is right. No listen this has nothing to do with anything but he just said Middle School now. I want to see if it's my age chase do you. Does anybody ever say junior high anymore anymore. No not the people my age. It's definitely switched it. It's middle school. Gold motherfucker my kids were young. They're ten and eight and six six but my ten year old dad. It's not junior high. It's middle school. You sound so old. I listened relax. I thought school to notice shooting as well but I mean all right anyway back to chase all right. So what are you into such a young age. You just want to do it or had you had a fight or did you get picked on or what. What made you want to train a quiet in the corner in like I don't know like being able to beat people up sounded cools a little kid and I thought I was GonNa go on and do some like karate type ship but it it was so is a lot different than I thought it was a good time I started started.

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