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I guess we could view that From both sides of the equation kind of a glass half-full happen happy perhaps with a grain of salt but at that indeed is the case then researchers can focus solely on that delta variant. Now again this was a result of just one single solitary study. But it actually gives us perhaps some inkling of how to move forward with this pandemic turning it into an endemic endemic of course is simple a similar to the garden variety flu because unfortunately if we think we're going to eradicate cove nineteen and all of its mutant variance while delta might do that but that indeed is not the case but fueled by the dominant delta berryman lerma county self seven day covert thousand. Nine case rate has been steadily climbing in recent weeks. Going from twenty twenty one. Low of twenty two cases per one hundred thousand people on june seventeenth to one hundred twenty seven cases per one hundred thousand people as of two pm just yesterday This is according to the county. Health departments covered nineteen dashboard. The county larimer reported forty-one cove nineteen patients and it's hospitals just yesterday afternoon. That's more than seventy percent increase from last week. According to that same dashboard data. That of course is a reason for concern. You don't want to overwhelm our Medical facilities With those hospitalizations i see you utilization in larimer county reached ninety three percent tuesday afternoon moving the county from medium to high risk category on the dashboard. Most recent confirmed covered. Nineteen death was reported on july seventeenth. So far it is the only recorded that cova nineteen death listed on larimer counties website for last month This as a new belgium cancels the tour too fat in fort collins. Seven thirteen now. Northern colorado's voice one zero three one. Thirteen ten kfi k. Mornings with gail from the auto collision specialist studios. This caught my eye yesterday. as a follow to our conversation with cdot region. Four communications manager jared file. We were talking about that request. That was made that emergency requests that was made to the federal government as a result of all of the mudslides and the attendant backups and detours in glenwood canyon. That's having a trickle down effect affecting a so many businesses to include farmers truckers while the list goes on and on so i asked him i said so i know that you know Dot just made this request along with the police administration requesting that support that cash support in order to speed The necessary work that needs to be done in order to get that portion of i seventy reopened throughout the glen canyon. And i said i know just a. You just made that request yesterday but have you heard anything on it and he replied no not yet came as no surprise. What did come as a surprise is a released from cdot. That said just one business day. This came out just yesterday afternoon. After the police administration formally requested support. The federal highway administration announced. It will release eleven point six million granted it is not just ten percent of the total request but hey it could be argued that every little bit helps right But this is being done through something known as their quick release process You have the federal highway administration First informing the colorado congressional delegate delegation earlier yesterday per protocol governor jared holiness and the department of transportation directors to sean. Lou made the full request in a letter that was sent out to the secretary of transportation pete. Buddha judge and the federal highway administration acting administrators. Stephanie pollack following a separate submission to the federal highway administration..

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