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Like okay. There's no temptation anymore. He likes seized the devil. And he grabs the devil's pitchfork. And he pokes the devil in his own. But with the pitchfork and he's like get out of here in the devils like. I'm sorry. I'm sorry i don't know what i was thinking goes away and then everyone's like. Oh wow i. None of us feel doing crime anymore. And then jake and everyone goes well. I guess i'm out of a job. And then everyone slowly leaves and says goodbye. Which other mary. Tyler moore style gives each other a big hug. Yes and then jake. Is there at the very end going like well. I have to say that this certainly was in brooklyn wasn't wasn't that the end of seinfeld i think it was. Yeah you're closer than you might think really about all the devil staff. I know but i liked that version. I would definitely. Should we film that. If someone wants to put up the money to shoot that ending. I would for sure show up and who do you wanna play you like 'cause i'd like to play jake. If you play the devil maybe who who gets who's really weaken pathetic and his leg got screwed. We can do that and then put it as an extra on like the dvd or something like that actually blocked my genie nuts into the wall. Cute yeah you got the made. The offer. In the room down to audition. I'm open to good. You read a lot of actors respect. I'm fully open read. I don't give a damn. I just trusted my ability. You know when you look back on a show like this. I mean you you know what i'm trying to say like. It sounds that sounds like a good start to a question though doesn't back on a show like this. Are you gonna show this. did you hate it. did you like it. I'll be honest. it was good. What are you going to where. Where did you film it. I'm grasping at straws shot in studio city. Cds radford fan a lot of on location downtown and all over the greater. Are you gonna miss the guy at the gate who let you all the time. What's once you're there for your own thing. You're not visited anymore. You just get a pass. You can zip right through. Yeah okay where are you. where are you zip through. Which entry colefax gay colfax gate of course so you know what. i'll say. It changed this last season because a cova really and have a podcast without talking about cody. Okay tell us what change the gates will you. Had you had to show on your phone that you completed a survey that said you check the boxes saying you didn't have coveted. It was a survey though. Were they asked like your satisfaction on having govan and some of them are like yes no and there were a lot of maybes that got you on the lot. Okay snow you have to like in the very beginning. They'd have to take your temperature quickly. And how what were you. Does your temperature usually usually around like eighty three. That's low super-low i know. They were always like what and i was like. No i don't know but you would come out of like a meat locker where you like to sleep right cry. Yeah yeah full. Trial day over twenty three. I have to say thank you since the beginning of your career. It's all smoke and mirrors and cry. Oh smoking is all smoking mirrors looking in mirrors after smoking and then crow. And so so i got. What do i want to ask about this because you. That's a plane going over. Hold on we gotta take a break. We haven't done these in a while. Oh here we go ready here. We go.

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