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So this is whole a whole little fake controversy making huge look like he said something stupid when he really did preach. It's not the time to dance on the grave of tyrod Taylor as a starting quarterback more than likely. And it's also something that you have to take up stairs, and people don't know about the NFL experience. It's not just always the best eleven out there. They have to sit around table and it's the owner is the GM is to cap. Bala gist is community affairs marketing, and they all get the vote on his this the time for obvious reasons. So I think he has to take it upstairs. I Don. Darn LS next, yes, let's move the OB Jay. Who we talked about yesterday after he tweeted how upset he was about gaining randomly drug tested for p. d.'s and well, he got on Twitter last night during a Browns game and might have given drugs have some more ammo replying to NFL network tweets, showing Cleveland's first touchdown with this bunch of nonsense who would at hanging fruit. Dell's random drug testing, maybe a little bit. But nah, I'm not gonna make too much option. Awesome. Silly tweets, but I normally delete things like this. It makes no sense, but maybe he did it on purpose? Yeah, I think that he's actually having fun with the random drug testing. He's like, oh, y'all really think I'm that guy got some for you right here because he doesn't have any kids. Right? So that would only explain when your muscle and gets my phone. Oh my God. If I, if I send you a text, it wasn't me then Herbert Hoover. So that's the sun texts like the three year old tech. So I think it ends with RV you or RV d in Kansas City. I knew the RDC vs row. Dog village fifty. Seventh street road dog village shot up my boys in Kansas. Termine seventh street road on billing. Say, Guben the house, a different shoe. We're getting We getting back. back. Any of it and that's motor colleges were former Louisville coach, Rick would no join Twitter and already has more than six, eight thousand dollars within a day of I post, we'll lock. I thought you might actually like this tweet, check it out for years. I've stayed away from Twitter because there was very little seventy. I will stay completely away from semitism and destructive words. I hope to bring the spirit of optimism which is so needed today, yuppie, Rick, potato crashing, fixed Twitter. Yeah, I think this is what they call peeing into the wind. To do it. I love Rick potato. I really do, and, and I got some sympathy for him, but this is, yeah, this is a little naive and he really needs to keep it more honest. This is what I don't like it. He's not being honest here, so I'm gonna give it. I've avoided Twitter because I actually had a job in something to do now that I don't have anything, right. I'm a hop on Twitter, my job, I wanted to doing all the most positive things. Look, I'm not. I'm not following them, but I will look even if I'm not a recruit. I'm following him because that's where the party's at. And I say what he wanted messes one, but Twitter will unveil. It will reveal who you are overtime. Wait for that. I'd love to see his deal. Oh, jail. A coffee shop, everything going. There's gonna be a problem with Richard Tito. Yeah. Finally, we're lot you say someone said they got a little trashing online. Let's roll this clip from you talking about Bill Belichick. Honestly, the Malcolm Butler decision is one of the dumbest decisions. A smart person is made in the history of the planet. The only thing I can think of on the same level is when prop Joe introduced Marlow to the Greek in the wire, Joe crawled into his own grave. With that one, it was over well, a fan named Kevin called you how we're like, Sweden, did Marlow Brabham prisoner to find the Greek on his own. I don't think prop Joe introduce, introduce him to anyone in that fear. You want to explain herself here. We're not when I got this tweet this morning, tears, stroll down. Gotcha. I'm known as a wire historian. I've never wrong about the why. And this guy called me dirty. I one of my favorite scenes in the wire is when Marlo sits down with Avon so that Marlo can get to Sergei to get to the Greek..

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