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I'm I'm used to taking on four and five guys and a week from an amateur wrestling background is the only thing about this sport that I despise is that we get three matches a year. I hate it. You'd rather more. Oh constantly? Yeah. I don't know why we can't fight once a month. It's amazing. I was sitting next to you and Tony Ferguson hasn't spotted four years. Yeah, you were telling me just a couple of hours earlier. You sparred what three times a week times a week and this camp? Yeah, and there was a time sparring every day every day. Could you ever imagine not sparring at all poor fight? No, no. I couldn't imagine when he said it. I believed him, but it did stunned me. And I've heard that from some other guys. Oh, Warren, quit sparring works out every day goes through his practice, but he does not actually do the sparring Gilbert, his cut down on sparring. Daniel Cormet is now going twice a week, Steve Amyot which goes twice a week just by example, but that is new when I got into this and I don't argue that we did it right. I think we've all learned a lot of stuff for my team quest as but we would show we didn't even have a coach. We would all show up the price at the same time. Four of us, we look at each other and say, big, loves our little gloves. We take vote, put on bagels are a little gloves and go out and fight, and then we go home. We had no drilling a warm up, so cool down no conditioning, but we didn't know any different. Any concerns about your head, CT things like that. Why have big concerns, but I will share with you. I Spar in the gym guys, fight steeper by example, told me that he fights in the gym put on all the protective gear, but then they go as hard as they can. I do not do that. I go in and Spar and workout and go home, so I can go. I can go every day. I have a partner that comes in and a lot of. This does happen, particularly with the new guy. He he'll go a little hard and I'll have to show him after show him how we like chill up real well. I may not say it, I will. I will show ready tour style. That's how that's how the natural used to handle. That's now how some hotshot kid thinks he's going to, you know, upstage chill p. Yeah. Well, and it's a little bit of that, but I think more it's just, hey, if you don't know what we're doing in here, maybe you think that's what I want. I got. I gotta wear him down a little bit. My hands on down a little bit, but is long as you Spar as opposed to fight. You can do that. And I like to do that, but I'm a wrestler. I've never been in a restaurant in my life and left the workout without wrestling at some point, we'd never just go in and drill or work on technique at some point you go hard..

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