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Mitch albom show on news talk seven sixty wjr music is eternal i have traveled around the world and when you put on abc i want you back any of these kinds of it doesn't matter what country you are in jury who am i telling you know but like the first strange the music the the beat the orchestration of it this is forty years old now fifty years and it still is totally fresh i mean did you ever stop been just say to yourself like wow you know like we did something that's going to be here long after we're gone they're still gonna be bopping their heads star music you know when we were kids we didn't even think about that on the objective we enjoy doing music and having fun and then as you get older you come to realize that defected ahead on others in a positive way brought people together oh my gosh yeah you know to bring people together in harmony peace through you through your music is if it makes you feel good and people used to tell you guys are responsible for my life and i can eat what do you mean oh that's so never can say goodbye this own that was waiting so that was that was there one that the jackson's as a band enjoy doing the most i think the medley of the first four records that went to number one i four the you know that whole thing because that was the lung team pat though that whole roll hits is really what introduced us to the world and you did so many shows together that if you closed your eyes and we put you outside in the lobby and said go could you know every move every step every every that second nature second now see now i mean it's like not that much talent involved lot more with what you got fashion i mean that part of it when the jackson 'cause i was kinda guys age when you you stole all girlfriends and the grades we're told picked on but the reason you didn't have a girl but they would the fascist would come out and we had to find out where you got those clothes from you guys with the i mean the heads and everybody had the added custommade customer for yeah but we had to have it we had to go find it well we gotta get it we had to get it we're going to talk about the weekend here in detroit and it's so fitting because you know honoring the jackson five honoring the jackson's music which as we said you know got started literally right down the block from where we're broadcasting now june sixteenth is going to be the show that you guys are doing and we're gonna talk more about that when we come back after the news break and finish our visit with marlin jackie jackson again it is saturday june sixteenth at nine o'clock and we're going to look forward to seeing that show and and hear more about it now when we come back after what meet the all new simplisafe.

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