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Up a nice one for us and we have to guess the day that have run some other events to help raise money for Minnesota military families and the first one is Katie stall who represents the Bros clinic but Morial day Murphy challenge Katie welcomes show thank you yeah the next guest is Shawn flavor who takes care of shoot for the troops John we're gonna talk about that that's coming up this fall with First Lady first we're going to talk about the merger challenger okay absolutely all right Katie you've been you and Pat Crosby for you've been helping the Minnesota military family foundation raise money to take care of grants for missile realtor families experience financial hardship student appointments and we've had a record setting year last year we gave up to about a hundred twenty grants totaling four hundred thousand dollars in this year run rates about five hundred thousand dollars so we very much appreciate you putting on this event how you did it on Memorial Day in I'm fortunately the chaplains didn't help you did they did not so we need to enlist we've got here but your your your men and women are gonna do this tell us what is the mayor of challenge so the first challenge is a work out it's across that work out in memory of Michael Murphy and so what the movement are a one mile run you come back in a hundred pull ups two hundred pushups three hundred squats and then you go back out for another mile run to finish and the leads do that wearing a twenty pound best in all your people that this year is in ranged in a rain storm rain cell it was actually good weather for the athletes it was a little bit cool exposed a captain cool the pictures were awesome you know they looked tough down there doing their push ups in the mud in the pouring rain spectators and volunteers a little bit less ideal but we did it so how do your your athletes that come to that they feel about the cost of a sort of military family foundation I mean that's why we do it it's our way I mean that's what Memorial Day should be right supporting our veterans supporting people that have sacrifice for countries for our country and you know so we try to remember that in whatever role your your head you have that day so if you're an athlete out there have been through it you're thinking of all the soldiers that do this and sacrifice their lives and then Minnesota military family foundation just was a natural fit for us you know five where a family run business please support local families were big into community and so on we want to pay that forward and help families of people that are deployed we really appreciate that you did that it before at dinner tonight let's talk to the chaplaincy takers that rate yeah next year will be beautiful well once again that's that's coming up on Memorial Day next year every year so Bros clinic Memorial Day Murph challenge and it's a one mile run one hundred pull ups two hundred pushups three hundred squats and another one mile run Katie I feel like I already did that today there's another one coming up several I bet you do then the we appreciate that will have you on the show before that comes up and and see what we can do about that was our next year all right perfect we're recording today from the tenth annual Minnesota military family foundation golf classic at the bunker hills golf course and the the second we're talking to to groups that have been supporting the muscle military family foundation and now we're coming back to Sean shoot for the troops you're coming up you have a major event this year is coming up soon as look it really is September seventeenth on a Tuesday up by Little Falls Minnesota at race creed game farms beautiful awesome game for a Shanda seems like it's been quite a few years since we first met yes and you were open for awhile and then and can what's right was a little bit but you're fired all back up again we did bigger and better yeah we we we former on five oh one C..

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