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Scene there because it wouldn't make Any sense, I guess or a difference with the drivers getting in and out like every two or three minutes, But I would think that it would help. Some got to be better than nothing at all. Yeah, Union that represents a lot of the UPS employees is the Teamsters and the head of the local Teamsters in Waco, says some of our drivers have recorded 140 inside their vans. Think about that You're going, uh, grabbing that package from the backward That's probably where the 1 40 is. And then you're still in the heat going and walking and placing it on the front step isn't coming back and then getting into a truck where nothing is blowing. Except for maybe you get some wind if you get to get up to speed, But if you're stopping every 2 to 3 minutes, you're probably not getting any speed to get the wind. This mother in Waco says her son was totally healthy. He was only 23. She tried reaching him while he was working for ups. He didn't respond, which was really unusual. So she went up to the UPS facility and ultimately called police as well. And they found her son dead in the parking lot in the parking lot. No one noticed. There's a body laying down in the parking lot. Mm hmm. So they're calling for More more supervision. They said that the least ups could be doing is calling in and checking with their drivers. Hey, you're doing okay? Definitely. If you haven't heard from them for a while, get a little bit concerned. Don't wait till a family member comes up to the facility looking for them. Yeah, This is David Reeves. He is with the Teamsters local in the Waco area. He's commenting about the situation of the package. Cars that are driving delivering the packages have air conditioning us out of them. In some cases, they've had employees record temperatures up to 140 degrees in the back of the package cards where they were The family has an attorney. The autopsy has not been completed yet on the 23 year old, but Rod Tanner says they do want answers here, and they're looking at all of their options. There's no lawsuit pending at this point. Will make a final determination about that, as soon as we have obtained all the relevant evidence it is concerning, though, that there have been so many heat related fatalities, injuries and deaths. How many, Mr Tanner? I have not heard of any. I'm not saying they don't happen. What is that number? Well, I would say one is too many. And I'm just kind of curious. We've got many people that listen to the show that that drive in these ups trucks and I think it probably I don't know if The Postal Service. At some point they kind of were like that to the least the truck that I've seen recently look like they've been converted from vans and stuff, so hopefully they have a C and I'm But if you're driving is this just You know what you expect when you go to work for ups is that there is not going to be any A C. Do they do anything to Check on your well being during the day. Do they make sure you've got a Yeah, cooler, full of stocked ice water on the side that they supply for you. I mean, what are they doing to combat these types of things from happening if they're not going to install a see, the family says this 23 year old driver had passed his physical with the Department of Transportation. And again, the mom says he was in very good health. Very, very hard working, and she's as you would imagine. She has just devastated here's Georgia Rodriguez talking to Waco station and made a call or or got in there, and nobody would have noticed that my son was missing. All right, So they found him in the parking lot, and he was dead. She was 23 years old, right? 51283605 90 call or text with your thoughts on this story. We also have the city of Austin preparing to award cash to people. Who do a really good job of not picking up their cell phone while they're driving. You heard that correctly Cash prizes for not picking up your cell phone while driving the city says We're on pace to smash all records for traffic deaths and serious injuries in Austin, so we have come up with an app. And you can download the APP and then agreed to take part in the contest, and we have $10,000 in cash prizes to award So many things with this. I'm going to start with Why in the world would you want the city of Austin to track everything you do? What? The city of Boston of all places. Why would you have them track you, but that's set aside. I do not understand this trend. Of putting out rewards for good behavior. Whether it is to pay you for not looking at your cell phone while you're driving to pay you not to shoot someone, Um I don't understand it. It's like if you want your dog to do something, and you continually give them a treat to do that. What happens when you take that treat away? Do you think that dog's going to continue to do it? Well? When you cut back to police force, and they have to virtually end traffic enforcement. You're in a kind of a tight spot. So you have to dream up these cash prices for people to do the right thing while they're driving. How about you just fund the police department. If you get caught texting while you're on your phone, you pay a fine not we give you money for not texting Lewis Laugh is with the city of Boston. He talked to CBS Austin News. And he says Austin's roads are very, very dangerous now, so we want everybody to download this app. And try not to pick up your cell phone while you're driving. We're going to keep score and some of you will win cash prizes. We've already exceeded 430 serious injuries and fatalities this year in Austin. 430 people killed and seriously injured.

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