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So I haven't covered it because I don't have the info. What does my race schedule look like in twenty nineteen going to be what classes this is Michael in Phoenix. I don't know if I know you Michael in Phoenix, but. My, I don't know what my schedule is gonna be. I'll know. Next year we're starting to put it together. Obviously it'll be a mix of trophy. Draken razor, invest in the desert. Hopefully some Tara cross stuff trying to put something together for king of the hammers and a UTV. I'm not gonna run. I would love to do shortcourse had a dealer unsure course this year at the Crandon events, but I ended up taking TV deal. Yeah, I actually made money this year instead of spending it to go racing right now seriously though. So maybe short-course will see gotta know it. I got to see if I get renewed for TV. I before I commit to that, but I don't know. You know, all kinds of ideas being tossed around at this point, be a mixed desert. Maybe king the hammers and maybe short course tear cross. I, I don't know, and it'll be a mix of truck in UTV stuff. I would like to get behind the wheel of a rally car at some point for fish and a stage rally. So I don't know. It's going to be going to be an eclectic mix of all kinds of of racing. You know, it's me. I just like fun and I'm not after championships any of that. I just like to go out and have fun. So this is from Katie in Indianapolis, who's your pick for the IndyCar title this year? Yes. About a loaded one. Right. And this isn't. I think right now you've got to talk about two drivers talking about Pinski, you know, you get new garden power and stuff like that, but. Dixon or or the safe bets at this point? Right. I'm in Alexander Rossi fan. You guys know this once again, give plug that interview. I did with Rossi last week going. Listen to that. Rossy is doing everything in his power to win this championship. You wanna Pocono took the last win, was it their middle high? Oh, I believe. And he's winning in dominating fashion. So Rossi. Yes, he is strong. Dixon and this is widely known Dixon is arguably the greatest race car driver on the planet. Right now you ask anybody in IndyCar anybody in Formula one. He's as good as any Formula one world champion. He's as good as the Lonzo. He is that good. He's not going to get a in the one ride because he's just older. They're looking for twenty three year old. Not not a guy approaching forty, but Dickson is a bad ass. I would never count Dixon out. Nobody will ever count Dixon out. He is that good. And he hasn't been driving bad Rossi's just been driving on another level. So my pick, it's tough. You know, I, it's a tossup between Rossi and Dixon at this point. We'll see how things shake out and Saint Louis. I think this is going to be the pivotal race, right? Rossi gets another win and Dixon finishes. Third or fourth, I would. I would go with Rossi you know, Rossi, but if Dixon can get, you know that stamp there and go boom and win, stay. St Louis and in Rossy finishes, fourth or fifth, it say it's, it's gonna be tough going. So I think it's on Rossi at this point. Rassi has to continue to do what he's doing for this thing to the sing to work out for sure. So I don't know right now say I said, it's a tossup. Let's circle back on this next week after Saint Louis, and I'll give you hit Hanser. Easiest thing I can say that being said tune in that was one of the best races last year. They do an amazing job. There is the bomber ITO group there with that event in Saint Louis in Shane Ray slash, this is going to be one of the best IndyCar aces of the year tune in this weekend to that one. If you haven't watched any Qarase as yet you are missing out. This is going to be an epic epic one in Saint Louis this weekend, so no doubt about it. So we'll circle back. We're gonna table this discussion for next week after Saint Louis, and then I'll tell you definitively. But right now it's tossup between Rossi and Dixon. And another question this is from. Who is from anyways. The question is..

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