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Divide between proposals taking just a few questions at his white house. Cove mask announcement. The president saying he's hopefully might reach an infrastructure deal in a very very good meeting with president biden saying the political horse trading hasn't yet begun in compromising anything that will change if democrats can't get around the senate filibuster role as they did with the covid relief. Bill andy field. Abc news washington. While republicans negotiated infrastructure plans with the white house of battle was being waged within the party. Congresswoman liz. cheney was ousted from her leadership position for rebuking former president trump. Abc news congressional correspondent. Racial scott has more from a defiant cheney the historic vote house republicans forcing congresswoman liz cheney from her leadership position for one simple reason. She refuses to stay. Silent about donald. Trump's lies about the election behind closed doors. Cheney had begged her colleagues not to quote let the former president drags backward and make us complicit in his efforts to unravel low democracy but they booed her and within fifteen minutes she was ousted and a secret voice vote. I spoke with one of her. Few defenders was there. Anyone that tried to stop this from going forward. Anyone that's spoke out in her defense. No it all just happened so quick. It was kind of blinding for all of us. None of us expected this You had a few stood up trying to ask a question but they were quickly gavel down afterwards chain defiant that we must go forward Based on truth we cannot both Embrace the big lie and embrace the constitution hours earlier. She took to the house floor remaining silent and ignoring the lie. Emboldens the liar. I will not participate in that cheney's downfall engineered by house. Republican leader kevin mccarthy who denied republicans are embracing. Trump's lies mccarthy speaking to reporters after his first meeting with president biden at the white house. Anybody who's mushed jalousie of the president sitting president but mccarthy himself voted to overturn the election. Many republicans still openly question the results. Gop congressman denied. There was even an insurrection. At the capitol on january six watching the tv footage of those who entered the capital and walk through statuary hall showed people in an orderly fashion staying between the stanchion robes. Taking videos and pictures you know if you didn't know the tv footage was video from january. The six you actually think that was normal tourist visit of course the video that day tells a very different story. The former president himself has relentlessly pushed lies about the election. You called liz. Cheney a bitter horrible human being cheney herself now on a mission. I will do everything i can to. Ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the oval office by week's end. Republicans had selected a new of their leadership team congratulate our new conference chair at least phonic representative steve. Scalise introducing the stefanik because the new. Gop conference chair house. Republicans met in the closed door session and voted one. Thirty four to forty six in favor of stefanik. She spoke shortly after about unifying the party. I have prioritized listening to all members of our republican conference and my focus is on unity. Because that's what the american people and that's what our voters deserve. I can judging. Abc news washington violence erupting in the middle east israel carrying out airstrikes hamas militants in gaza hamas firing rockets into israel jewish arab mobs in the streets in the worst violence between the groups since two thousand fourteen. Abc's matt gutman is in the region with the un warning of a full-scale war explosion after explosion rattling gaza israeli airstrikes pounding dozens of targets. A fourteen story building exploding into a fireball drone video showing the aftermath that building slumped on its side israel saying a targeted dozens of hamas and the group's infrastructure three. Am hear sirens around again. Rocketed have been fired from just behind many rockets through israel's defense systems residents increasingly angry we cannot continue live with that person. Dykes opening up another front for israel palestinians with israeli citizenship writing in multiple towns protesting their status as second class citizens. Hundreds wounded just south of tel aviv. A jewish mob mercilessly beating this arab citizen streamers of smoke as moss launches more rockets into israel the israeli military pummeling gaza with take a two thirds lighting up the night sky columns of israeli tanks. Were being right up to the gaza border in the biggest escalation in seven years adding to hundreds of air sorties that have brought down. Buildings entered parts of gaza moonscape our team in gaza meeting the sahaba picking their children's toys from the mound of rubble. That until two days ago was their home. Zaragosa says that minutes before the bombs came raining down. He received a call from the israeli military. He says we were told. We had five minutes to get out and our neighbors civilians on both sides. Enduring the worst of it just outside of tel aviv. We were at an apartment complex destroyed by a rocket people just climbed those blackened stairwells to collect whatever they could salvage from their possessions. We hear one of the sirens going off to code. Red and suddenly those sirens sounded again terrified residents pouring out some whimpering in fear climbing into the same bomb shelter in which they'd survived an attack just earlier. You can hear those rockets right now. You can hear the booms all squeezing this bomb shelter right now in china. The fear and heat stifling. Abc's gotten at least seven. Children were killed along to adults when a gunman opened fire on a school in russia. A gunman attacked the school. When it was filled with hundreds of children videos from the scene shown children jumping third story windows to escape. Panicked parents running to the school to try to find their kids. Please stormed the building and detained. The shooter a nineteen year old man. Russian media have reported. He may be an ex student at the school. They found recent social media posts with the alleged attacker calls himself a god and threatens mass killings. Patrick news at the foreign desk security was tight and new york city's times square after a gunman opened fire amid an argument last weekend shooting. Three people including a four year old girl. No one was killed and police track down. The suspected gunman days later in florida. Thirty-one-year-old farrakhan muhammad was arrested by us. Marshals tuesday in starke florida. Just outside of jacksonville. No nothing in a jailhouse interview with local. Tv station w. c. j. b. mohammad said he was not in the city at the time of the shooting. No new york a few days in jersey jersey dolls buddhist hotel. He claims he and his girlfriend were evicted in new york and came to florida to live with family. She was also arrested. Lionel moya's abc news. Miami gun violence erupting in rhode island as two feuding groups face off. It's being called the largest mass shooting in. Providence rhode island history. Nine people shot some critically in an of gunfire. The police say was carried out by two groups who've been feuding for while and on their radar. This is not random police chief. Hugh clements says. It started gunshots from a car targeting a home and then gunfire was returned from that home. Multiple shots fired and the people involved all believed to range in.

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