Jimbo Fisher, Penn State, OAU discussed on The Audible with Feldman & Mandel - 6/5: Should the SEC consider a division realignment?


Couldn't do it any longer and they brought in jimbo fisher obviously jape turnover remained penn state's at least co offense of corner and certainly quarterback coach right up until the end so um i don't know xiaomi sean to this point is from what has been described he's he's a he special teams corner raise also like an oau would you describe a chief of staff is almost like an act assistant head coach in that role to naya i'm talking to guys in the big twelve a lot of other coaches likes sean snyder and they think he does a really good job on special teams so but again and look we've seen guys who were special teams coroner's become had coach is john harbaugh's on tony levin brian polian it's not on that uncommon show but again new ad and like he's like you're saying top fifteen caliber team gonna be really really interesting two thousand seventeen in manhattan kansas i'll wild john curry the former ad is walking to into his own um kind of messy situation a taxi and a possible coaching change of they struggle is year i would say he got out of manhattan at the right time i would agree with you 100 percent all right i think that's all for this edition right yes the order doorbell bag said your good questions and i you know what the madrassas audible at all vodka um seriously ivan rodriguez every week for three years you don't know the the no wonder we don't get that many we get a good number enough we don't get that many emails because a coast doesn't even know the mail address this this is a this is gonna be out take we're gonna we need to make a big deal out of this.

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