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Asking for that Help is the first step to recovery. 10 38 to rob would fork in the W T o p traffic center. All right, we'll start with the good news first. And because on Randolph Road, they are moving again near the intersection with Neville Streets at the railroad crossing. The train is cleared. You should Find the lanes open, and hopefully the delays are easing quickly. On route 301 in Brandywine headed south bound your chats for Dr. Anything left of the crash is off to the right shoulder so you should find those lanes open. Those delays have already begun to ease travelling in Virginia on 66 eastbound after 1 23. The disabled truck has cleared. All of the travel lanes are now open. There is a brief delay where the trunk once stood, but you should find those lanes open and moving at speed. Here shortly. Folks traveling on 95 in Fredericksburg, however, headed North bound just after Ruth three. They are doing the guard rail repair. So expect to be in delays passing the scene in Warrenton on 29 south bound at last reports near the intersection with Lee's Mill Road. There was some police activity along the right side of the roadway, and as such, there was only a single lane to the left. Getting you by folks traveling in Maryland along the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Slow North bound approaching 1 97. There had been mobile work crews there in place, unclear if they are still at work. And on route 200 the intercounty connector at it eastbound just after the exit for us 29 watch for the police activity when last seen, it was blocking the right lane. Friday, October 30th is the biggest hiring day of the year Land one of thousands of jobs at UPS reserve your spot today R S V p and application required visit. Ups jobs dot com slash brown Friday Rob would fork w t O p traffic. Let's get the forecast from Chuck Bell. Good morning. It's off to a very cloudy and foggy start. But just like we've seen the last couple of days, it'll turn into a sunny and warm Thursday.

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