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About that talk to us instead about your experience as a voice user interface designer and some of the stuff you've. Done over your career. Yeah. So for the last couple years, I can't say this part. I was at a great company called mic mobility, and I was voice user interface designer there, and we work primarily on third party, Alexis skills, although we did some work with chat bots, and we did some work with Lexus. Well, so yeah, we worked with big clients to make really great voice experiences. Mostly for Alexa. So for the last couple years. I've been in Alexa, land learning about the new features and getting in. It's been nice to see all the different changes that have have come to the Alexa platform. It just keeps getting better. Excellent. Rebecca, we are thrilled the joint us. Thank you for setting the time aside. Our second guest is Doug Robinson CEO afresh digital group. Doug, say Hello to doing fine Lucretia. Joining us Doug, take a moment and share with this. What is fresh digital group and. What the all do? So we've been around seven years and our initial goal was really create products that were relevant cool, regardless of the digital platform. We start really the mobile shop, and and built really good stuff for you know, some big I'd like the NBA and then a couple of years ago, we've tended into poise that would be an area that we wanted to play. And so today, we've made seven hundred eight hundred voice Aplin.

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