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What we we? We gonna do with that. That would be my question. I mean, I know it sounds like a good idea. And obviously you've been saving your money up, and you guys in and obviously there's some pent-up the part where you're in a sub for extended periods of time. There's a bunch you. There's like two toilets and the whole place and frustrating, you know, fresh air, and maybe so I got that. And you're in the Philippines. So the certainly Gallimard your actions, but it's the part where you you get all ten of them over there. And you basically are parading him around in front of your men. The navy had a problem with. But in reality. What are you gonna do a ten? Plus, you got it yet. Now, you gotta watch tantamount to make sure they don't steal stuff from you. 'cause you're over in the Philippines. Now, if you're planning is nine of them to stand around and chant while you rub bird blood on one of them. Because that's your religious thing that I stand corrected. But I don't get the impression that it was. Plus, you ten women's squawking at you. Oh, I'm sorry. Ladies you want to be around ten men. No, you don't. As it turned out, the navy less than pleased with the sub skippers choice of engagement. Naval criminal investigative service agents were alerted the Tzeltal toll to other sailors at a hotel pool or bragging that he had quote ordered ten girls to arrive at the hotel. One of the sailors saw Tzeltal with the ten quote provocatively dressed females. Outs where when he met him at the entrance of the hotel. Tzeltal did admit to investigators city paid for female accompaniment. I have a question, and I honestly don't know the answer to this. But I suspected this is some Uni uniform code of military Justice thing, maybe I don't know. Is there is there some way if you are deployed or in this case, your leave in this case in the Philippines. But if you're if you're a member of the military, and for your official capacity, you're over in another country and that country has legalized prostitution. Well, I mean in Germany, we have obviously we have a military base over there. And they have legal prostitution is there a prohibition for service members of partaking in that? I'm honestly asking because I I'd be curious to know eight eight eight nine three four seven eight seven four eight eight eight nine three four seven eight seven four. I just I don't know the answer. And I did watch full metal jacket the second half. So it could be a little confusing. All right. Which I in in. I suspect that the problem that the navy had with him had to do with the fact that he was the dude in charge, and you're not setting a really good example for your guys. Plus. Yeah. Let's face it. That's that's way, too, many Filipino hookers. If there had to be a number. I don't know what the number would be. But the numbers not ten if we're in for being honest with ourselves. Also, I read speaking of the navy. I read a rather interesting article. And actually, I think this is very cool. And what it is is these Atanas drone boats are becoming a thing. Looking at all the navy Hooker. Experts are calling like all the lines are ringing fantastic. So one of the things that they were talking about is the rollout of these unmanned essentially naval navy strike ships. So just like you have the air drowns these things are buzzing around in the ocean. Obviously, they have a a certain amount of weapons capacity and it varies depending on what what they are. But. Their upkeep essentially is handled by those who are unmanned ships but other than that through sound patrol. And I I thought I thought that was really really cool actually. But then I had a question. So if I let's say, let's say that this radio thing doesn't work out and in very short order Rawson, I out on our butts. And we decided that we got we got to make some money somewhere. So we're gonna we're gonna take up tuna fishing and we were to inadvertently much like a dolphin capture. One of these things do we get to keep it can claim it and on a more serious note. Is there are they secure enough that basically US weapons couldn't fall in the hands of a Somali pirate. And I mean that seriously I would like to think that that wouldn't be a problem. But I don't know. All right. Let's get to some salons here. Jordan europe. I go ahead. So about their reputation in Germany and stuff. Yeah. For us servicemembers. It's illegal. There are a lot of times. I'd like red light district. But yeah, where where where? From being in those sorts of areas. I wondered about I wondered about that. Although I suspected people might sometimes ignore that provision. That's a risk. They're willing to take into their own hands. When they do that. Accent. Action. Well, I just I think it's the part of this guy ordered ten that may have stood out to everyone. All right. All right. Well, thank you for free. It's the kick it over the Ted the priory did Ted. I was playing a video game once in my dad before he passed away. Yeah. Took place in Vietnam. And in the game, you could leave base in late Goto lakeside gone. Yes. My dad's sitting there and he's playing with his character. You know, he's walking through Saigon. And my dad just nonchalantly goes ever tell you about the time of hooked up with Vietnamese Hooker. And just like, I say, no, I don't wanna know. Don't wanna know gotta go can't hear, you know. Luckily, you didn't let it deter you from your love of games. And that's a good point because you would associate those two conversations a Bob go ahead. Yeah. It's not just some arbitrary rule with the UCF J. The biggest thing there is anything even remotely.

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