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Thirteen grams of fat it has twenty six carbs and five grams of fiber smell them role. Gluten free. That's interesting. No breading. Really? It doesn't look like it's breaded. No. It looks like it's not. It's just eggplant slices. This is beautiful heavy. All right. Let's try it. This looks like it literally looks like eggplants Lices with marinara and several kinds of. Oh that sauce this. This is so good great. This is phenomenal. And totally worth. It is a lot here. This is a good. This is so much fun because it's like used to plant parmesan like frozen food, and it would be unnecessarily breaded, and and fatty this is just like healthy eggplant palm. And so fresh tasting of a lot. And I love that it still has all that protein. So it's this is this is meet Lewis. They didn't go overboard with the cheese. No breading. A plus cedar lane. What's Etling does a lot of good product. They know what they're doing. This is home run. It's with roasted vegetables and sun dried tomatoes death sauce. That's why sweet it's sundried tomato sauce. Okay. Next up Frontera chicken taco Skillet. I have to say we tried frontier. Some of the meals in the past. This is Rick Bayless. I don't know if you know, Rick Bayless, he is a very famous chef his frozen meals. I know typically are phenomenal. So I'm so excited to Dr Mike is shoving his plate in my face. He cannot wait to be served. Shoving said, my three favorite words chicken taco Skillet chicken. There's no peanut butter. No, great about this and unusual for frozen meal. There's no carbs. I mean, no, starchy carbs. It's chicken sauce veggies. Smart the chicken so fresh. Half a package. One hundred ninety calories..

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