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Forty WHAS another cool start to your morning lead to a beautiful afternoon across the area for today partly to mostly sunny skies will prevail dipped once we're gonna top out near seventy degrees we'll go ahead for tonight increasing cloud cover expected on the poor side was dropping into the upper forties to right around fifty degrees and for your Friday mostly cloudy a late day shower would be a possibility with better rain chance is expected to increase for your Saturday I trusted forecast on W. okay why meteorologist Chris Johnson it's forty eight it news radio eight forty WHAS our top story is crying too violent crimes in the city of low level overnight the first in the Newburgh neighborhood that call coming in at around eight o'clock but the forty two hundred block of broad more court officers arrived and found a man who'd been shot he was pronounced dead at the scene officers getting another call at three o'clock this morning this one from the valley station area in the ten thousand during a block of green tree lane that's not far from valley high school they arrived to find a man who had been stabbed was taken university hospital where he was pronounced dead the homicide unit is working both of those scenes they're currently no suspect you know anything call the tip line at five seven four Ellie MPD the city's homicide total now sitting at seventy eight it's seven oh two it news radio eight forty WHAS a Kentucky man who pled guilty and the kidnapping rape and murder of a child a sentenced Timothy mad and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the twenty fifteen kidnapping rape and murder of seven year old Gabby do lan Allen county judge Jenny Crocker clear the court room following an outburst between Dylan's father and Madden new officers chief if you would please escort the doing down at this time please this child deserves better than this man will report a media lead to a maximum security prison Haley Hanssen news radio eight forty WHAS the body of Elijah Cummings will lie in state at the U. S. capitol today the Maryland Democrat passed away last week at the age of sixty eight a ceremony will begin at the capitol to live in this warning featuring mark some house speaker Nancy Pelosi Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and others president Barack Obama and Bill Clinton will speak IT Cummings funeral on Friday.

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