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Please visit bitcoin dot com all right so we were talking during the break of course about all things. Nfc and more is me. Non fungible token it is a Blockchain based way of sort of authenticating the authenticity of a collectible sort of this digital collectible item and it kind of made me wanna comment little further on the idea of people and their obsession with collecting things which is a very popular thing right. Oh collect them all right you got to collect the we've seen this forever whether be collect all five but this one is my whether it be you know something as simple as the happy meal toys or you know baseball cards or your favorite little statues is everybody's got their thing they're into and i'm not saying don't do this right people if it you happy. Please collect all the things you want us to apply to vinyl records and cds set tapes and eight tracks but not anymore. Kinda still does people out to collect them but not so much now that music is largely digital well and that's the direction things are going was why. Nf are an interesting phenomenon because it takes the idea of a collectible which used to be this thing that you would put on a shelf angelic dust it and you look at it and you know if you had a nice collection you might have your friend or somebody come over and you'd say look at my collection and their friend would say wow and now you've got this digital thing that you can say look i've got the number one release of This new album a digital version. And now it's like okay. Well it's not it seems even less meaningful to me. So i mean you could be watching crop with with your friend and pointed a character and be like i own him. Yeah i was like oh looks. Crunchy the cat him. But you don't use mine but but you don't own him okay. So here's an example of human madness so stocks So now there are stocks that give you dividends and there are stocks that let you vote on what the company does and then their stocks do neither of those things and i have no idea why people own those but they really care about you have an example of one of those because i can think of one or the other but not one. That doesn't have either of those characteristics. I'm pretty sure there are stocks. Do neither of those well. Here's what i'm just asking if you know of. But here's what collections due to collect dust for the most part and then you die and then your relatives have to deal with it. They've got a whole room of crap that you've collected for your whole life and you know what they're gonna do with it. Probably sell it at for pennies on the dollar at an estate sale or that person buying those collectibles beloved them when they buy them like. I got a copy of batman number one from this garage sale man. That's awesome right. Yeah now you can just do that in the digital world. That's great but you know. And i don't know the statement there's some sort of statement about you know when when you have too many things they own you basically so i. I like the value of of getting rid of things. I like the quaker model of simplicity. And simplifying your life and having less stuff. And i think that's Sort of the opposite of what they're aiming for here is like with collectibles of any kind part of what you're doing is anchoring yourself Which is it's something that can give people a sense of continuity and mean like this is who i am right and like you gain a sense of continuity among other things from being part of this and what free talk live can you know can mean to the world and what it's done and what it could be in the future that gives you a sense of continuity. It's not the only thing i'm sure. But that's one of the ways that you get this sense of being a part of the flow of time And for some people that what they do for that is here. Is this collection. It started with one of them and now look at it. Yeah it reminds me of A friend i had growing up good friend of mine. His mom worked at burger king and she would get every happy meal or whatever they call it at burger king mcdonalds term. But you know kids meal and she would take the toys out and put them in a room and eventually that room was literally a pile of these toys. You could not walk you. Could you could watch from like one door to the other kind of like a hoarder situation where literally the entire roof. She'd worked for many many years. That at burger king in had literally collected them all and more than one of them. But it wasn't even in a way that you could. You know appreciate them. They were all there. And it's just. I don't know i'm not a huge fan of collections As you might be able to tell so. Nf take collections and it takes them in a completely different direction. Now you have this digital thing you can't even meaningfully display it in any way shape or form but it still meanings means something to the person who owns. That's not necessarily true really i. Understanding of tease is like for example. Kevin smith is making a movie that will exist only as an nfc and then he will sell it so only one person will get to receive. This movie is one person will be the owner of the nfc. That person can choose to just keep the movie to themselves and only they get to watch the movie and they never share it with anybody else or they could choose to have a bunch of friends over and watch the movie or they could choose to broadcast it only at like a local drive in theater or they could license the movie themselves to other outlets to broadcast in like other movie theaters if you wanted to. Does the person pay in advance for this movie. Not having seen it sight unseen that you're buying mood in this. In this instance. Well yeah. I mean you. You couldn't have a bunch of people that have already watched the movie that would trailer right like you can have. You could say this movie. I'm going to make or am. I just buying kevin smith next movie. Not knowing in advance i will. I would hope that there would be a trailer. But i would ask you to. I mean like he has enough of a cult following. I mean you. You don't need to know what the movie is about. It's a kevin smith moving. Although he's knights failed to jersey girl anyone. Nobody knows that off at saint remember. Nobody saw jersey girl. Because those the best movie. I heard you can't win them all. I'm a fan of clerks to dogma. That's that's one of my faves. George carlin is cardinal glick. Yep killed it. And but a lot of these tease. It's just oh here's the sound file you have the number one here we've autograph digital autograph irs of the sound file. It doesn't sound any.

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