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1138 daylight saving time Traffic and weather on the aids Robb stallworth is in the WTO traffic center Thanks Andy We're going to start out on the eastern shore westbound with 50 at two 13 centerville road crash is cleared to the left shoulder all your travel lanes are open however delays remain in the damage is done westbound route 50 delays approaching and passing 404 headed toward two 13 now with all traveling to open from the cleared crash No problems at the bay bridge you guys are looking pretty good with three lanes west and two lanes east Things are clear on the beltway in Maryland through Montgomery and prince George's counties looking pretty good on two 70 I 95 remains clear Northbound BW Parkway off and on the bergs between one 93 and powder mill robe would traveling to open in frederica was 70 westbound after one 44 Main Street exit 59 where we had the report of a crash we believe that's actually cleared and gone traveling to open in Virginia on the beltway between Alexandria and McLean eastbound 7 at Augusta drive may still be falling police direction for the crash and respond to unseen Sampan un 95 on the brakes leaving Norton headed toward one 23 after that you were cleared toward Fredericksburg northbound route one this is before route one in spotsylvania exit one 26 He had the left side blocked with a crash single farm right we understand gets by his continuing toward Fredericksburg no problems after that You're clear toward the Springfield interchange and on the I three 95 up to and across the 14th street bridge will traveling to open Looking for a new crash in the district in southeast Pennsylvania avenue near southern avenue report of one overturn Understand authorities are headed to the scene there otherwise no problems on I two 95 but D.C. two 95 you guys are looking pretty good right now The last two years have been devastating to kids in poverty you can help when you sponsor child with compassion international get started by texting the word radio to 9 7 6 four 6 I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic Now to storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller 40s that's what we'll see on the thermometer readings here this afternoon with sunshine And then tonight.

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