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A cumulus station where washington comes to talk to you wbal news at five thirty yelling relief will the reinhold tonight into work tomorrow was well maybe a bit wet as a wintry mix is expected to start later this evening weather channel meteorologist martirano says it won't be too bad we're going to give mainly rain mixed with a little bit of louisville warm to really get all snow let he says the storm will also bring wind gusts of up to thirty miles an hour we'll check the complete wmal weather channel forecast coming up talk about tariffs continuing today at the white house says the prime minister of sweden paid a visit president trump wants to impose the tariffs they're very loving way with no other details reporters at the joint news conference with sweden's prime minister can only go by the president's blanket proposal 25 percent on imported steel ten percent on aluminum what are the reasons i was elected as on protecting our workers on protecting our companies the president put us on capitol hill republicans concerns repeating what he said and tweeted in recent days the us has an eight hundred billion dollar trade deficit and the tariffs are one way to close that gap bob costantini on wmal in wmal dot com or dc public schools chancellor antoine wilson fighting back against his former employer saying mayor mariel bells are wasn't entirely truthful in her account of what happened mayor browser made it clear during the press conference in which you nounce chancellor wilson's resignation i was never involved in their request for a transfer of chancellor wilson student she says she learned about wilson's runaround of school lottery rules when the inspector general's office started its investigation but wilson knell tells the washington post pows are new well before that he was very specific cited the day and the meeting during which he told her dc political strategist chuck fees was close ties to bouncer antagonise vince grace as bouncers been couching her statement you've offering a smokescreen the statement that she can hide behind the dc councils hoping to ever testify under oath steve burns on w.

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