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The goals were really good. I thought the chelsea equaliser fifths bibs woman's amazing because she kind of who who was she going up with jessica's called casa plan out if she she's they shoes playing out position in a in a buck three which she's never done before and but most law season she was filling in kind of right wing back so she they look comfortable butler. Because i did not really play in about three europe. I think that kinda showed but the way they've managed to move her positioning because if the same sort of thing is as meat like you know work to do there. She called for to do to finish our and she manages to find this space and then get it between her legs and get a post soak it especially because it was the best if not interested in the league so vs movement was fantastic in game. A movement was really good and it's great. It's funny because then you could see you can see appropriate angle. You could see. We're also doing and they and some of the times flow when you watch it is that they didn't quite get to them quick enough and they got fru also smithfield really easy and even go aaron scoring and scored chelsea the way they kept that moot. They kept the ball alive in the box. But what you saw on. Anything is ford's in a defensive error because when you look and you look to beth and space. Aaron cuff but was in got to get to. People have got to be more aware of. What's going on. Because beth literally as soon as the ball went out of the books. Bestest run out in the box and left. Erin then she. The finish was just berlin. I'm thinking that was too easy. It's too easy for way are well. They played up to that point. It's really bizarre. isn't it. Th the ma. What level of football. What like whether you're paying mens champions league women's champions league women's zero Sunday league with your maze. How ol- forward as just do not have a write off a danger.

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