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They are encouraging. Passengers. To tip their flight attendants. So flight attendants began accepting individual tips on January first. Now, they made tipping option three years ago. But until this year flight attendants, we're required to pool tips. What do you think about that? Let me know should you? Should you tip your flight attendant, should you have to now? These are the people that they take your order. They serve food. They serve you drinks. They come back. They they make sure you got everything you need, and they clean up after you. Is that the same as as a waiter or waitress? What do you think about that? Should you tip? Your flight attendant? We also have a this is this is really fascinating to me. A mysterious. Repeating fast radio bursts has been detected in space. What second time ever? This isn't a this is a study in the journal nature far outside the Milky Way. Galaxy something is causing repeating short bursts of radio waves, scientists have recorded it. It's only the second one that's been found to repeat. Sounds like that Amy Adams movie. So this is this is mysterious. We don't know what's going on. What are these bursts? Where do they come from? Are they advanced extraterrestrial civilizations has to be central creating them. So the first one was discovered in two thousand and fifteen and then last year, we found out about these this new one we found out these bursts release an enormous amount of energy. I saw you fall. I don't know if we have time to get into it. It's usually an hour with my psychiatrist you've got the UFO story. I do come on. So this was actually twenty years ago. This fall twenty years. Okay. Yeah. Western Minnesota where I grew up around parole around by dent near star lake beautiful night out fall, October ninety nine and now I didn't I didn't touch a drink of alcohol to twenty one. And I was so I was at the time. I was just about to turn eight don't just about to turn eighteen okay? So I just preface that by saying like there was nothing. You're sober as a judge. That's right. Yes. And so I was driving. This is after the homecoming dance, and I was dating a girl at the time in high school, and we were driving on country roads to bring her home. And I remember driving and I saw in the corner of my eye bright light, but I never looked up. But I remember in my mind saying that that seems. That that's that's a bright star. I just kept driving, and I imagine darkness around the country. Right. Yeah. There were there. Trees and lakes. But that's yeah. And all you could there's not a cloud in the sky. You could see what star? So I just remember being like as a beautiful fall night. And so we're driving. And I remember the light kept getting brighter and brighter in the corner of my eye. Now, I never looked up until Finally I it was so bright. I just glanced up along the treeline in. There was a UFO. That's the only way I can describe it because I've never seen anything like it since or before. But it's just like you picture it in those like old time movies saucer shape. Yes. With lights all the way around and it was moving like, unlike anything I'd ever seen. It was hovering right there above the tree line, and it was just hovering. And then all of a sudden it crossed over the road. It was on my upper right and crossed over the road, really slowly. And then there was an opening to our laughed where there was a lake and it went over the lake and then boom gone never seen anything move like that. That's spooky now my family, my family, they they question this story. They're not all in on the story. Okay. But I've never lied about anything in my life. Have you guys ever seen a UFO or something you just you don't know what it was you can't describe it? And you've never seen anything like it before. Or since. I have. Hey, it's. Next time as our show finished on Wednesday. The president walked out of a meeting with Pelosi Schumer and said it was a total waste of time. And then the partisan bickering continued Thursday, the president heads to the border does that mean, we're staring at the president declared a national emergency Orbach discuss. More back on the air jet. Harpen weekdays noon to three eight three. Oh. Many medicines used.

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