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Have some fun with some audio there. That's the bureau, pinning. Right. So last night as I get to see some of the highlights when I got home beer seems to be the focus now at Pfizer form and. We had a Packers player. David Yari chugging, what three beers at least, and you made a great comet, then you want. I I've seen all these clips, and they're fun. Like, I don't feel like a complete Stirrup route. Like is this the thing. Now is this where we have, like a celebrity person down of beer, and you think about the people like Aaron Rodgers David bacteria Christian yelich, so great great role models for kids? There's just a part of those just in the back of my mind was lightly uncomfortable. I'm not saying it should be banned. Not saying I just think we should think about it before it becomes a thing. Interesting. That's part of our Milwaukee culture. We have embrace it. I'll tell you Colonel defense lawyer about seventy five percent of my cases, involve alcohol. It's not just a good thing. It's not new to say that we don't appreciate Oklahoma state. And the problems that come with a lot of bad externalities. I think it's fine. I'm not real enthused about yellowish slamming of beer he's got play today. There's that but you know as long as Brett Kavanagh's, not on the supreme court dicey Simon. Beer. I think we're, we're fine. All right. So you'd sweep to my interest with your sometimes we go back and forth before the show. And you said the article from the Wall Street Journal on millennials approaching midlife crisis middle-age, what's on your mind? Is this part of this Twitter thing? Are you middle aged? I'm getting there. You still have a nice dark hair. Thank you. No. I'm I'm in my mid late thirties, and the oldest millennials born in eighty one or thirty seven going on thirty eight. And we're, we're in the middle of our careers. And what this Wall Street Journal article basically laid out in, in very stark terms was when it comes to kind of career path. Having assets income stability. We're just not there. I mean we've been left behind, and if you look comparatively to even gen Xers the generation that came just before us, we're not doing that. Well, and it comes back to we all came out of college. I came out of law school right during the great recession, and it's really hard when you first five to ten years of work is really bad economic situation to climb up the ladder at the speed that everyone else did and just kind of compounding interest. We think of compounding interest in the savings account for money, but when it comes to professional skill and, and getting up the ladder that way, or, or just building up your nest egg, we've just been kind of lower rung, and it's hard to make up time. Evan other generations face similar tasks. And they've had to deal with the great depression. If you go back. Along cheer. Listen, I did not grow up with the great depression. I did not go off to. To Europe or or Asia to fight different different challenges, but still challenging, but, but we have kind of this poll on our ability to accumulate assets. And, and to feel like we are cheating, the American dream that I think that is unique for millennials. Yeah, it seems to be a cost of living problem. So it's a housing question. It's healthcare question. It's a student loan debt question. It's entering the workforce, and having some of your prime earning years, prime growth years occurred during that great recession some of those things people back yet. There. I think as boomers exit the workforce. I think this next decade, I think you're gonna see millennials make up a lot of ground the largest largest generation by population right now. I think their, their skills and their demand for labour are going to be supercharged in the next ten years. When I first started the show, people said you're so tough on Molyneaux, but as I brought millennial voices onto the show people now say, we get where you're at. Well, well, I think Colin the big the biggest elephant, the room and the student loan payments. I mean we can't imagine what to college. I pay for my tuition within the semester that I went to school. Yeah, it's tough. That said getting a college degree. If you look at statistically lifetime earnings, it is still a good bet to make on yourself, even with a lot of debt that you are likely to make more in lifetime earnings rather than even with that debt rather than just a high school degree too. Smart guys, Colin Roth Dan Adams Adams versus Roth more of them after.

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