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Even keep calm bowls tournament. F on that broke has gone out. F- broke has gone home. Everyone did found. It's not one of those Those those autistic come out. Miscarriage play the new records. Play the old material Because i think everyone was. The dog actually ever wanted the new stuff and gareth is. We're going to give you a new material. We're not going to give you full to get you like broken lines and wing as the kuttan and we're gonna take off your favorite players. Oh and the by the end of the year like oh my god why wins. Yeah crazy. 'cause when when i've had him speak guy southgate about how he feels when fines and everyone got an opinion on on selections and squads. He says there is nobody who what she's the players the. I'm picking more than i do. And my team does. And i thought to myself that is so true. He spends entire week's days to the point where he actually said a poured. He said there were days while i have to take a couple of days off from watching football because he's starting to merge into one. I'm aware of how they own the pitch. I'm aware of how they play in games. I watch videos. And i'm like it's so true. A we are basing our suggestions and opinions on what we think based on what we see we can. We can't in the premier league. That's just touching the surface. Do you know what i mean. This is a mommy deep insight. Indeed knowledge communication psychology into everything. The players have to offer and when you hear it from that perspective. We know it guys. We do know it when you hear what. I'm just take a seat back. Because he knows what he's talking about why we're just gonna trust whoever selection he decides to make is especially when he's talking about seeing them in the canteen even asking what i love about south gas. He's he's doing the extra of homework you know when when when someone is going to go for a job interview the author you should always have. Is that interviewing me. But i'm interviewing them. Whether i fit and i get the impression of south genuine. It's like people into being the england team whether this is an environment they want to be part of. And if into the england team that means the families interviewing me too. So whenever i meet or interact with any member of circus cruella say that he meets psych his cousin than two days later asakusa causes a coyote. Like gareth taught me twenty minutes just about my project walton. And it's like those tiny will allow jazz. Alka is at ryan's gonna hate me for this ryan ryan's strength is ryan always pays attention to the smallest details right and i feel like southgate is like the little details the christmas the christmas card the rise the right time the birthday caught at the tiny things that people think of and southgate while up up this is the accumulation of a thousand small details and it speaks about the leadership. You know this man my call. Praise him enough is getting it right. It's the decency. Forget whether they win or not. Go someone england to and of course it but to me. Some of the reason. I'm calm is like i've seen enough from this team to be proud of what a good leader is. I haven't seen that for so long. I haven't and it sounds like a dramatic but it's like you can look at a live in berlin now. I don't try that much. The i'm like to look at country and be proud to be like gareth. Southgate is every great teacher. I remember encourage me to do. Better is every i had the one side and said look. I know you're enjoying this key part. He's the true the trick unique. That said to me when i was in my second year law you know what i know. You're hastings right now but just keep going it's worse than he represents all of. That's why this is a big deal. Yeah yeah company and can i just say that right. Yeah you see that communist. We feel it. We can see these interviews whenever we speaking than when when when we beat denmark the other night. Oh my goodness when he would crowd. I thought look at that competitive. Animal that is in this man accused. Do an in very quickly does make calm face. And just it's in there and you need that fire. You need spirit to be able to get to elite playing of level of football to say right. Okay we're here now and if anyone's wondering the final is anyone's that you have to kind of see it that way you call on and play the second place and that's what they'll be thinking. I think when.

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