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What mosquitoes good for get them out and control it kill maybe that, that's about it wine beer. Oh, I like them both. That's really I like, but I'm kind of a snob. This was a question for the people. I thought for sure that you're gonna say beer, beer, but I'm love a good. Sam Rollo to men. I love you. Are you are the biggest beer snob? I think I've ever known. I am snob as an inherently negative word, isn't it? Yeah. I mean you're in. Elitist a beer. It was fear. Yeah. You love trying different one. Yeah. I surprised. Okay. Well so subway cab, I like the subway. Yeah. If there's if there's no, if there's no, there's no, if there's no traffic like a cab the breezes through Brooklyn Bridge. How is it now do people? Have you been getting is coming up? Two more. I mean, it's the same kind of stuff. I think you know, it's always like, really, it's mostly really nice. I think except if you're in a hurry, right? Isn't that sort of the, the one time you're like if you're in a hurry? I know the best thing. But if it's great if you're if you're not if you're not in a hurry. It's great. I mean you can pretty much it's mostly good. I would say mostly good. Yeah. I remember the one time I was in hurry. This is right. When things started I started backing and things that people were seeing in and. I was late for training Grand Central. And this guy came up to me, and I've been getting a lot of like, did we go to school together? Like it's killing me. Where do I know you from I still do it? Yeah. And so I would say, oh, Where'd you go to school, Oregon, I went to school Connecticut. But what do you do for a living on, and eventually gets the point where like, oh, I saw Yuna thing. Yeah. So I'm running for a train. And this guy comes up to me goes, did we go to school together, and I was like, and I was late in my defense. Like I said, no, I'm an actor, you probably know me, you probably saw me in something. And he goes, oh, really, what were you in? And I started listing time really limited resume that. No, no this. No. Did you up in Fairfield, Connecticut? Yeah. I did river field elementary school. I did go there. I not only did I know him but we had been friends in first grade. And he moved out of town, embarrassing, and I said, oh, you here. I am like I'm gonna you probably know me from my work, and we were friends in first grade. And the worst part was he goes. So you're acting now. You know, I do occasionally, get people there was a really sweet. Sometimes the hell do you think you are? I got one recently, which was really sweet girl. And she was like, really nice. Oh my God. You're the guy who was in the thing. And she said, what do you do? Now at high said, oh, well, you know, still acting she, that's kind of fun in a way though. Sometimes it's kind of fun because it's like, yeah, you could be anybody. Yeah. Beatles, stones. Oh, five. What is these these, that's not phaser quick. These are just don't think of stones right today, but milk Beatles tomorrow, this spring fall fall. You some tough ones sunrises. Sunsets sunrise, your epitaph. What do you want to read, or do you want to call me? A racial epitaph. What, what? What, what EPA what isn't a potential for that for your tombstone? Yes. He he the no rock unturned. I guess would be maybe that's it. That's good. And is there a real person that you wanna play now played Bush Fosse? I dare I say this. I shock Peres I kind, the only person I kind, but I'm too old is Elvis, Presley I love the play offs president, but, but I wouldn't you love to play, you could play over VIN Vince Vaughn. Could you could play version of Elvis version of him? I guess spider verse Colin Farrell virgin of him. On Farrell played L. I mean, should play Elvis. Think Vince Vaughn, should play those make sense. Okay. Maybe you and I should. You could play..

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