Graham Nash, Levin, Dell discussed on Talk of Connecticut's The Big D with Rob Ray


Five he met graham nash in school they became fast friends because nash was the only kid who let the new students sit next him in class they form groups with names such as the guy tones the two teens the levin's and the four tones and the two of them were asked to join the dell twos four of the delta's left they formed a new group named after christmas holly that was decorating graham nash his house thus the holly's were born one of their first regular giggs was taking over for the beatles at the cavern club they were signed were record deal in 1963 soon became known as the british everley brothers and 19 sixty eight graham nash left the holly's over creative differences as they planned to record an entire album of bob dylan's songs of course graham nash had a great solo career and part of crosby stills and nash here is an eastside from the holly's that he sang lead on on a carousel this hours forgotten forty five on the big no germany gadgil two new i know oh i care to a new passers jerry serving certain the the rules with the jazz hey me.

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