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Radio's America published by Harvard University press you co editor in chief of made by history of daily Washington post history section at a historical consultant for the slate podcast whistle stop and before that last break we heard Brian make mention of liberal talk radio which has never really taken off some of argued that by the time that liberal talk radio was ready to take off that all the good frequencies were taken and to an extent that's true but I'm not aware of very many places there have been a few but not very many court liberal talk radio has really ever succeeded that well even including some people who were were pretty entertaining and a lot of my they were accused of being a pretty much a doctrinaire ideologues about entertaining but the but for example there were there were those I think you were pretty entertaining al Franken I think was was pretty entertaining among others well I think the problem with al Franken E. eight was he is an in ground floor very funny people but if you actually listen to the shows they did they weren't as funny and I think part of the problem is a lot of the folks who come in to try to do liberal talk have come from outside of the radio business they were first first they tried folks like Mario Cuomo and Gary Hart politician well not surprisingly they you want to give speeches they want to talk about your new ones policy things and it didn't make for very good radio and then in the early two thousands they try people like al Franken and Janeane Garofalo but if you listen to them and what they were saying about what their purpose was they were talking about giving people political voice and and rectifying the imbalance in talk radio or I DO dealing with the disaster that what the bush administration well that's not the goal of most could hope for if there is a pattern that you see left right and center the most successful holes are usually folks who got into radio at a young age a lot of them I was shocked by this how may the folks like Limbaugh Sir DJ when they were teenagers I was a I was a DJ when I was a teenager well there you go it was folks all across the ideological spectrum they understand radio they understand the uniqueness of the medium and what it takes to be entertaining a radio and I don't think that Franken Ingrao flow really understood that to the same extent another factor here and we we talked about this being a business and there are other products that I wanna be careful here because it's something people get wrong all the time there is a liberal media bias out there which is kind of culture which is the most of your journal if most of your NPR host they are they they live in a world where the surrounded by usually either liberal professionals they have a certain cultural world view about what's important what values they have issues matter and it affects the into the questions they ask the stories they report the gas they book and so you get a fair amount with if they try to be balanced NPR attempts balance a lot of the time but there is that cultural pushed and so it's not conservative talk radio is not the equivalent of these things because of its advocacy media and you don't get you don't really have that liberal advocacy media take off until the trump here in terms of podcasting things an MSNBC starts to do it in the last decade and I think I defer the Obama years and they pick back up but those products like NPR and here you can also include Howard Stern and and what is known as guy talk or and also Latino and African American urban talk radio format they're not the equivalent of conservative talk but what they do is they appeal to liberal constituency the kind of three stools of that the liberal base you know suburban professionals might listen to NPR you get a lot of minority communities have their own talk products out there and then you get your young voters who are listening often times too Howard Stern or to sort of non political mmhm morning talk shows and things and then roads the market for a little talk to him thirty you know the the the people programming things they want they want to make money well nobody that they're demanding this or they have a lot of options it's a lot harder to build a format where it's for conservatives for a long time and this is not the case today that for a long time it was the real deal local hosts they had one conservative station and that was really their their main bread and butter all right now welcome to Donald Trump and as you note Donald Trump was not the automatic immediate favorite of talk radio hosts in fact a number of them were were highly your quest to the out of him in fact you'd you'd mentioned mark live them for example who Alderley said that I'm voting for Donald Trump but to keep her out and you have wrote Rush Limbaugh it knowledge in that Donald Trump there was not a conservative or at the very least as I have noted on more than one occasion he has shown a great versatility of conviction over the years so you have a Donald Trump who his his his view points are well shall we say floated in many cases he's brash to be sure so we certainly fits into that aspect of all of this but he I'm not sure that he was was tailor made for you may have a tailor made for talk radio but I'm not sure you would call a tailor made for conservative talk radio as it existed with the trump candidacy began what he does is he taps into the style of talk radio and the frustration almost had spent decades bashing Republicans saying they're not fighting for you hard enough they won't ever go to war for these principles that we stay that you and I share they are not they're cutting deals with the Democrats they never deliver all the promises that you're making that they make tea you know the campaign also then and they never ever gets intact so there's this prostration mechanically the run down the mainstream media over and over and over again for decades until you get to things that really benefit Donald Trump which is first that he comes on to the scene and the talk radio audience the bass says Eureka it's it's almost the same reaction is when Limbaugh goes national people start calling him and say rush thank god you're on the air we find him a voice well with trump they find they say my god finally there's a politician or sticking up for us is fighting for us and he captures that style he sounds very listed Klay like a lot of the host folks these principles are worth fighting for let's go to war over them and when somebody punches him or or says you you can't say this Mr trump he punches right back and the people lost that style and simultaneously because they've run down the mainstream media for so many decades when the media reports that the most unsavory aspects of his business operations was character people say I have a quote in the book from one moment to rally saying you know these people they're just trying to run him down it's just that the mainstream media there they go again to borrow from Ronald Reagan they they they're just out there cheerleading for Democrats they wanna elect her they want to drive him down into the discounted to miss out they tune out all of his worst traits they finally got a fighter any sounds like their favorite house than trump has been on talk radio for four five six years at this point you know doing interviews with people like lore Ingram Sir road testing is message and Limbaugh says that they want as trump come down the escalator liberal says you know we we've been sitting here laughing his producer we're we're laughing.

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